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    It is time for some update: After having finalized the "lead-in-lights" as described (see the vid on my facebook-account) I want to provide you with three screenshots of the work from my fellow-designers from They are about to finalize the "Universitätsklinik" with the heliport on the top. For me it looks awesome, don't you agree?
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    Version 1.0.0


    Air Canada Rouge Airbus A321 with Sharklets C-FJOU, Fin 469 Repaint by Trevor Bair "V1VrV2" and Daniel Desjardins "cdnavi8r" Please install using the livery manager. Enjoy! (version 1.0) February 2016
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    Version 1.0.0


    Airbus A319 British Airways G-EUOH The Dove livery for the Aerosoft A319 IAE model.
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    Kasatka, the last one looks like areal photograph!
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    Τα έχω αρχίσει ήδη!! Δές εδώ: Απλά το μοντελάκι είναι λίγο μανίκι να το βάψεις σωστά και παίρνει αρκετό χρόνο. Παρεπιπτόντως, ξέρεις τα ονόματα των αεροσκαφών; Το ένα λέγεται Athens και το άλλο; Σ' έφτιαξα ε ;
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    theres no mistaking that airport lol especially with that big hill right at the end of the runway. BTW nice job on all your repaints, really looking forward to them!

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