We got a new video from World of Aircraft: Glider Simulator and are asking for some alpha/beta testers! Check this post.


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    I am glad to announce a new project for FSX and FS2004, Yekaterinburg X. While this city might not be the most popular destination for flightsimmers we have seen a great increase in people who take off in Western Europe and head east. And at the same time we get an ever growing amount of customers in central and eastern Europe. You will see this in more products and soon in the form of a complete Russian section in our websites! Yekaterinburg X will be available this fall for FSX and FS2004. It's a high end fully featured scenery project. The images below show an late alpha version, where a lot of small items are still missing.
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    Dear Aerosoft, Can we expect development of Mega Airport Prague in this year? Thank you.
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    Some up to date screens. Those are actually the default lights, though I use the ENBSeries which reduces the size of the lights
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    FSX release candidate screenshots:
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    FSX previews now - I can't help it, I think everything looks just a bit more beautiful in FSX.
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    Another rainy day in Iceland. Don't tell me you prefer blue skies over these conditions.
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    You know that winters can be pretty dark and snowy in Iceland, so some night and winter shots:
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    Let me check... ...yes, it's there.
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    hello i am new , here is a taster of some of my antarctic photos.
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    Here's a pic from my trip to Antarctica...

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