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  1. I can say without a pause that this aircraft is giving me the most joy ive ever had in a flightsim!. I can hardly get my head around just how much fun it is to run this little machine. Ive been looking for the best GA aircraft for my ORBX flying and somehow missed this little gem untill just 48 hours ago, when I was pointed in this direction from a forum post. I fly the A2A accusim aircraft as I love the persistant saves and the ancient systems, but now I have a GA aircraft that I can use when I just want to develop my VFR skills. I really do think this aircraft is going to be firs
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  2. That's easy. To deactivate US City's KCLE, just go to FSX\Aerosoft\USCitiesX-Cleveland\Scenery and rename the following files' extension from BGL to OFF to deactivate them: ClevelandIntl_Aerial.bgl AF2_KCLE.bgl Bests, Sascha
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