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    Just an idea for xmas: - a big christmas tree in front of Aerosoft Building at Andras - parking Santa slight with reindeers over xmas days in a hangar
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    Hi Hi , naja wie wir auf den Bildern gesehen haben ist das Update soweit fertig ist eben nur dioe Frage warum es nicht erscheint.... wir von GWI Virtual brauchen mehr Platz in Köln .... LACH BITTE BITTE BITTE BITTE BITTE BITTE BITTE BITTE ....
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    Dazu kann ich im Moment nichts sagen, das German Airports Team wird sich der Sache sicherlich bei Gelegenheit annehmen, vielleicht weiß Oliver mehr dazu.
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    Eine vernünftige Dassault Falcon wäre total super...
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    Looking araound for aircrafts for the antarctic region I came across the Basler BT-67. It is based on the DC-3 airframe with some modifications (stretched fuselage, redesigned wings). The most important modification is that it uses PT6A-67R turbo engines. The BT-67 is used by the Alfred Wegener Institut and I found a freeware model made by Dirk Stuck which you can download here EDIT: Details on the BT-67 can be found here
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    woooooooooow, the 10th and the last picture look so amazing I'll buy it!!!!! By the way: which programm is used for that sunset colours? they look sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo amazing..................:wub:
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    As requested a few more screenshots, some taken at high altitude. Personally I prefer to experience Iceland from altitudes below 1000f AGL but I would say it looks rather ok from FL 370. Some impressions from Akureyri (famous DC-3), Isafjordur (note the high-tech approach light system) and Reykjavik (I just love that church).
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    Ole I can oly see IP addresses on forums I moderate. Unfortuantely he avoids them. I love it when Im right, who will join me in a victory cigar, whisky and jig lol Edit: Ray, can we ban his IP from VAE's servers too?
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    Sorry, du musst folgendes machen: In FSX "Display settings" - Graphics tab enable "Advanced Animations". MfG Björn
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    Einstellungen --> Display --> scenery --> special effects detail Schieber auf high schieben MfG Björn
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    How about: - an Andras Field Christmas Calendar in the screenshot section: People send 1 or 2 wintery or christmas related screenshots around Andras field to someone, who puts them together to a christmas calendar, posting a new shot every day in the screenshot section before christmas (something like this was done on simv last year and it was great fun). - house sharing: I would be happy to share my house (who needs 8 bedrooms?) with someone else if there is interest. Free of charge of course - as long as the other person helps with the lawn mowing and clearing the snow during winter
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    Hello Guys, anybody can make a blue Condor Livery ? Not the yellow...its to old and not actually. Thanks and best Regards, Frank
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    Aerosoft = Hibernation ??
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