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    Andras Field Code of Conduct (Thanks to Moshe for the text) Andras Field is open to all flight simulator enthusiasts without exception, whose goal it is to have fun in a relaxed environment. We politely request that those flying with others at Andras Field respect the rules and regulations that may be amended from time to time. Whilst flying online with another network, please be aware that any rules of the host network still apply in addition to Andras Field specific regulations. Andras Field users are expected to be courteous and respectful to each other at all times. This includes respecting the legitimate opinion of others (even if you may not agree yourself!) Andras Field is an international meeting place and welcomes cultural, gender and ethnic diversity, the able bodied and disabled alike. In short, we welcome everyone regardless of their status and background. Please respect this diversity. When visiting Andras Field with others we politely request that pilots refrain from divisive political debates and/or any other contentious comments that may cause offense to others. These guidelines are valid both for flying online at Andras Field and any postings within the Andras Field community groups. The most important thing to remember is to treat others the way that you would like to be treated yourself. Remember, a stranger is only a friend that you have not yet met! If a pilot has any concerns with regard to the above, please feel free to contact the Board for further assistance. We are here to help you!
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    this is simply going to be one of THE best planes ever created for fsx. this project can easily compete with pmdgs md11, the love for details seems to be as big in marcel as it is in pmdgs developers hearts
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    MAB, Thank you for your comments. I will dedicate my next Airbus X video to you, made with my substandard PC For educational purposes, as this project is now at a mature stage, I will let you know that at the time those videos were made Airbus X's flight dynamics were still been perfected and it was a challenge to keep the plane in the air. It was very sensitive! I'm not hurt by your comments, in fact quite amused as you have no idea of the evolution of the project. And besides, the videos weren't aimed at flying perfection, far from it; at times I was sloppy for dramatic effect. I wasn't too concerned with perfection, just showing the aircraft. Some people like simple shots, others have criticised that the shots haven't been dynamic or tight enough. I've learnt I can't please everyone. As these are unofficial videos, I mainly make what I'm happy with and at least the public are getting a view of Airbus X, even if it is just from my perspective. Happy flying. Chris
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    He's running Win XP. DX10 does not apply. And even when you check the DX10 box FSX remains a DX9 game whether you like it or not. There is no `refusal` you simply have no choice. DX10 preview is exactly that, a pre-beta slightly-modified FSX so that it uses the DX10 API pipeline under a few circumstances. As it was never completed, you will never have a DX10 FSX.
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    All my add-ons have sid and stars, and i rarely use them, ok maybe on sid, but also prefer to get to first waypoint asap - as it is done in real life. Landing is usual vectors or visual - if I know the area. Stars I use for my own reference. I think I will not survive without them :lol:
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    Are you the Forum police? I politely suggest you refrain from replying to post if you do not have an answer that is anything else than trying to be patronising. Trying to fuse or ignite a debate isn't really productive posting. Furthermore the post was addressed to Chris who himself gave a sound and logical explanation. Regards D
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    Hi Chris, I am not sure I remember what was the reason for excluding this function from this product? I didn't think adding the SID/STAR would be such a problem not to include it? Was it really a big technical issue? Regards D
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    Looks fenomenal Mathijs! I see you can not give any details on the extended version, but is there any chance you guys will add the A318/319?
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    God not the bloody sids stars issue again....peace to all; but no use beating a dead horse. Anyways, I think we will all be happy and pleased with the product when it comes out!!
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    Want to see a REAL LARGE render of the Airbus?
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    Hi. I've only been involved in the beta testing, so can't really comment on the technical issues. I could be wrong, but I seem to recall Mathijs saying quite a bit of work would be required to implement it. Also, as this is a basic version it was deemed out of scope as SID/STAR aren't essential and aren't even supported in the default sim. As I've mentioned previously, this isn't your basic CLS or similar addon. There has been alot of attention to detail given to the model, systems and flight characteristics. But it only goes as far as necessary to support the basic simmer. There is flexibility in the way it has been developed that provides the user with a partially functional FMC, rather than just a photo of one. I like to use SID/STARs, and I'm more than happy with the functionality of the FMC to be able to add waypoints to the flight plan. No other basic aircraft I own does this. Chris
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    It was a big deal and was well explained earlier in the topic. It's not going to change in the basic Airbus for very sound and rational technical reasons. It's obviously possible, but I believe the frame rates were the issue. But trust me, it makes perfect sense for this product and the target audience. It was also explained earlier in great detail by Mathjis and a line Airbus pilot in Europe that entering waypoints "on the fly" is in fact very real life. I politely suggest you consider your question answered. There's nothing wrong with your question, but it's been extensively dealt with and the answer is what it is. Things will not change. Simply wait for the advanced version specs to see where this will go in that version.
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    @ CRM320 , You are forgetting a couple of simple facts . 1 This is not your forum , it's Aerosoft's . 2 This is an open forum , where your comments are there for everyone to see and because of that means that anyone can comment or answer other peoples posts , that the answer you see does not give you the answer you want does not make it any less true . The discussion over S%&S and S%&%S has been asked and answered ad nauseum , just get over it . John
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    Okay, thanks for the info Oliver. That's clear now. So, I will not use it
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    Dear Oliver, Do you know about this program, called GT4AES? It customizes the vehicle textures. Does this work? Can I use it? Will it work with AES V2.07? Greetzzz
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    Just finished downloading and trying FSX "Super Cub". I have a fair amount of time in PA-18's, but all except one of the planes have the pilot flying in a very peculiar position. I never had a chance to try this in the real plane. When I try to fly these planes in FSX, I have trouble seeing around the sim pilot legs. Can someone Help!
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    Mathijs: Stick by your guns Mathijs and the malcontent SID/STARS and 2D move one. Any chance to make another YouTube but this time with standard external views (press S again and again only). I hate the MSFS views used by them where someone glue/stick his/her right ear to the fuselage in a forward view that includes the root of the wing. Ugly. Change the test pilot too, he/she is a crummy sim-pilot. Show the nose and rear wheels at 10 knots while taxing. Get a better PC with Windows 7 x64 too. Include better takeoff and landing correctly. Looks good and very appealing but I just want to make sure. Go after the A318 and A319 before making more complicated nav improvements. It is a waste of time trying to make the FMC or FMS like the real thing in MSFS. We want to flight so make sure the VC Panel is friendly to users against the MSFS-BS that kept all versions of MSFS as arcade toy games. IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A SIMULATOR!!! Sorry Mathijs. I just let go my old frustrations with MSFS for a sec. Cheers, MAB

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