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    Why am I even expected to answer this.. Please answer!! I paid money for a product that doesn't basically work as advertised yet has no disclaimer regarding using an Nvidia product... Email sent Refund now expected... As for the Rex argument.. I dont have a single problem with Rex!!! (Should have I admitted that or will Aerosoft tell me Rex is incompatible with all there products next) I apologise in advance for the tone of this response but my unbelief at the way Aerosoft are handling this and Shauns attempt to shift the blame leave me staggering with utter disbelief... PS Isiah .. I did not ignore your post, so I suggest you stop trying to make yourself important in this issue and basically blurring the issue.. At the end of the day my conversation is simply not aimed at you its with the people who took my money. I have purchased over 20 Aerosoft products in the past few years all of which I have been happy with not only in there performance but in there support.. I accept here the dev is trying to resolve the issue but the tone of Shauns responses as a representative of Aerosft is becoming nothing short of insulting to a childs intelligence to say the least and I expect this to change at the very least...
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    Well, I think the Pro version is more intended for the - well - pros. I.e. those who would use the sim in a professional environment. Those who would run the sim on professional hardware, like 6 DOF motion platforms for example, that is so expensive they don't mind the couple of thousand bucks the Pro version might cost. The standard version, on the other hand, is for us hobbyist. At least that's how I understood it. That's also how it works with X-Plane: Want the standard version? Pay 40 bucks. Want almost exactly the same software, but FAA-certifiable? Sure, costs 500 bucks. Want to drive a real Garmin G1000? No problem, give them 500 more. And that's for each PC in your set-up, of which you usually need at least 4 in a professional sim (three for the visual system plus one for the cockpit). Judith
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    Ju have to attache the image as attachment: - search/select file - Click "attach this file" - click add attachment to post
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    GUYS! Calm down a bit! I'm also affected with the shimmering and I think it is really a problem there, but give the dev guys the chance to understand the problem and find a solution, maybe even for future developing. Peter got 2 patsches out in the meantime, so no one can say Aerosoft ignores their customers. I think they are discussing the probs internally and will find solutions. I will also buy upcoming addons in the future. Why? Because all 799 addons from Aerosoft before are all well designed and supported by these guys. Here is always a direct link to the devs and I will always get immediate reply to every silly question. And by the way, after the second patch NO ONE can say that Nice X isn't playable! Maybe you get 5 FPS more on an other airport, but I think 15 - 20 fps is more than playable. And also the shimmering is fixed to 80% I think. I got A LOT sceneries from other devs which aren't nearly so good as Nice an nobody cried for them over 5 different forums. Maybe the testing of future releases should be done with a wider spectrum of different hardware, but this should be no problem... So please folks, come back to a normal tone and let them do their good work. And for ME, Nice X is good work with a few probs which can be fixed. Now you can bash me for being loyal to these good guys...
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    Hallo Andreas! Ist wohl nur `ne Einstellungssache beim PDF-Reader.Sind alle 180 Seiten im Handbuch vorhanden.Unter START>Programme>Aerosoft>Piper,hast Du ja bestimmt schon gesehen,sind als zweite PDF mit Seite 135ff auch noch mal alle Prozeduren aufgeführt. MfG Uwe
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    There are not two sides two an argument when you sell a product that does not have a disclaimer on it... I am getting tired of this same argument.. I have no issue with the dev trying his best to fix it but I have a serious issue with this lame "Its all Nvidias fault" excuse thats being thrown about.. If this was known from day one I fail to understand why the product came out of beta and was released without either being fixed (which other developers seem to manage ) or a disclaimer being attached in the first place..
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    Heres an answer.. I dont care.. Your the developer, Im the paying customer .. Work it out and fix it before taking money, or in future put a disclaimer on your products saying "DOES NOT WORK WITH NVIDIA CARDS PROPERLY BECAUSE WE DONT KNOW HOW TO DO IT"
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    You choose to ignore my post about ATI cards , cos it doesn't suit you...But does it say on the REX box, or download, not suitable for ATI cards cos they can't handle cloudtextures? And yet do a search on any given forum, type ATI versus nVidia, and the clouds issue will be brought up.( among other reasons why ATI s*cks) I accepted it as being a flaw in the card and wished those developers tried as hard as aerosoft does to solve the problems I can understand your dissapointment, I am not kissing ass here, if there is something wrong it should be adressed. But aerosoft does adress it, and more then that. You just refuse to even consider the fact that there are more then one reason for your problems. jeroen
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    Yeah, right. There's just one tiny little problem: there is no such thing as 128 bit CPUs - and there probably won't be any anytime soon. In a time where the majority of developers (including Microsoft with their OS, by the way) are still struggling to make the 64 bit transition, for lack of compelling reasons, what would be the sense in 128 bit? As such, Windows 8 & 9 would be the first operating systems unable to run on any computer available at release. That's just ridiculous. Judith
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    Hi!. I want to say my ideas. 1). Professional and Standard edition, What does it mean? For me, a Standard edition is for "playing" , and the PRO edition is for "flying". So... In Standard Version: a). Common Aircraft's like FSX. . Normal scenery c). Normal flight system d). Normal Interface In PRO Version: a). NO Aircrafts! only just one or two good designed. . A professional weather engine. Not like FSX or FS9. Real Turbulence, predictable forecast (like where is going to rain, or accurate wind-shear simulation). METAR interpretation and random weather generation . Easy-to-develop system so other 3th party companies can make their own weather system (like REX), or making accurate and realist weather radars. c). A professional flight dynamics. So the aircraft responds like in the real world. d). FSUIPC compatibility. e). Real airport environment. f). It's not needed a complex scenery database, because anyway we are going to buy other better scenery's. g). An updated NavDatabase. h). Professional development tools. i). A good Flight Planner. j). Your own VATSIM and IVAO connection system.

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