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    • Hello,   I discovered a new particularity on the CRJ PRO.  For the first flight of the day, we need to start engine nbr 1, after when the nbr 1 is stable and before start engine nbr 2, I would like to switch OFF the L and R fuel boost pump, to proceed the Fuel Feed Check Valve and reaching the message «R FUEL LO PRESS».   But the L+R fuel boost pump stay ON and no message on eicas. So we can't make the check and we are not sure the fuel low pressure indicating system is operative.     It was tested on CRJ 1000.   Regards,   Alex'
    • Hallo FlyAgi.   Danke für die schnelle und ausführliche Antwort. Da warte ich dann doch ab, bis 11.50 das Beta Stadium beendet hat. Bis jetzt läuft ja meine Open-GL ganz zufriedenstellend, so dass mir die Warterei nicht schwerfallen wird!   Gruß Hermann 
    • Hello Hans,    I hope you are good?! I don't know if it was quoted. With CRJ 1000. When I am on final with loc and glide capture and cross-wind (above 10kts), flight director does not compensate for the wind and we find ourselves either to the left or to the right of the axis. It is the third time for me. At this moment, I need to disconnect the autopilot and continue on visual approach. No problem with nice weather, but in other case, it is more complicate.I don't know if it is the same for other people? No impact on the glide, but only on the localizer.   And i confirm, when I have this problem I am stable with flaps full, gear down and final approach speed.    Regards,    Alex'
    • Klingt gut. Du bist nicht klein zu kriegen. Sollte die Welt den Kronenvirus überstehen, muss ich unbedingt mal wieder zu Krapfen und Bier vorbei schauen 🙂  
    • Thanks a lot FlyAgi and Heinz!   I will certainly give it a try!   @Heinz: I had indeed seen that version. But I noticed it has WT3 ground routes, and I have Traffic Global so I am not sure that will work. Also, it is slightly too heavy on the libraries for me. I had issues with some of them, causing CTD's. Also, my machine is on the older side so I prefer the "vanilla" EHAM version of Aerosoft, as it looks nice without too severely impacting performance. So if I could add the ground routes to it without anything else, that would have my preference.   I will post what I find. Thanks again and stay safe!  
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