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    • There are no other options available. But you can create your own own one. Please have a look into the specific chapter in this forum to get more information on this.
    • Assuming UM436 through Namibia ?   If so the AIRAC cruise table record looks incorrect as it should be 'SA' and not 'SO' to assign even flight levels as per the AIP.   Workaround, assign an appropriate level from ATUPI ( establish an initial cruise on first compute )  
    • Hi Guys, Just wondering if Aerosoft will be selling the upcoming Airbus Throttle pack addon for the Honeycomb Bravo throttle quadrant, and if so will there be a pre-order discount offered?
    • Thanks for letting me know.   You could use ActiveSky, FSGRW or the older REX weather engines as a source should you not wish to use the PFPX subscription service.
    • I apologize, I had not received the notifications of the replies and therefore I had not noticed them. I deactivated the weather (in fact it had expired) and now it seems to work correctly. thank you very much
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