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    • Every user should be cared for.While you're having lunch and waiting for the AS330 to arrive Chinese users are waiting in front of their computers late at night, on a winter 
    • Danke, ich habe mit dem WED schon probiert, hatte bisher aber keinen Erfolg. Vielleicht habe ich auch etwas falsch gemacht. Wenn das so bei Dir geht versuche ich es noch einmal.   Jürgen
    • @mopperle: hat leider keinen Einfluß. "Aircraft Configuration complete" ..... aber die Anzeigen bleiben trotzdem schwarz. Auch bei anderen Konfigurationen (ich verwende die "Ready for Taxi"-konfiguration) keine Reaktion der schwarzen Anzeigen.   Habe vorhin eine Anfrage an den Support gestellt. Mal sehen, ob da eine Idee aus der Trickkiste kommt ... aber Danke for Deine Hilfe!
    • I am very glad to join the family of AS.I'm happy to be able to use the AS330, but something has happened recently that makes me less happy.That's the EFB problem.   So let me just say a little bit about that   You fixed the EFB problem in, but most Chinese users still have problems。EFB will still make the game crash I tried and found that EFB worked when I wasn't using the Internet But the crash case is in my use of the Internet   It's about the Internet             This is obviously unfair to Chinese users (But I know because of the special network mechanism in China)   Can we solve this? (Now there are many of your fans in the forum in China. They chose your AS330 in the first time) We sincerely hope that you can solve this problem or come up with a way for Chinese users to run EFB with Internet   Finally, I would like to express my great gratitude to the AS team for their efforts
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