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    • I can assure you that the slope in Svolvær is actually very significant. Standing at the threshold of either runways you are not able to see the end of the very short runway which ends up straight into the ocean. 
    • Ok, so finally there is at least one tool that could be the problem. For good reason I do not trust anything that comes from FSL. For sure it changes default files and maybe it even want make a backup of the original ones. Uninstall it and maybe you need to do a reinstall of P3D to get rid of this sh... I can proof that lights work, with no tweaks of whatever kind:  
    • Looks like someone didn't run the pre-flight checklist item "coffee quantity". Luckily I don't drink coffee, but rumor has it that item is more important than fuel quantity on many airlines
    • I will publish it shortly  
    • I feel you did a great job managing the project Mathijis! I'd like to shout out to @Stefan Hoffmann....painting his wonderful model with great, well-thought out texture maps. Trying to do justice to his awesome modeling by creating a few detailed paints for the community.     Getting this one ready for one member of your Staff (you know who you are)   Just some alignment duties (as you can see) and some color correcting and I'll get her out to the community!   This one won't be too far behind.....     Hehe...I may even get around to a few real liveries (these 2 are fictional because of the engine type....but I don't think this will stop many painters from doing their favorite liveries)   
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