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    • Assuming the CRJ you are flying or using has EFB, NOT everyone has EFB.
    • I would dlete the FSX.cfg file, probably something wrong there  
    • I did at first and then turned it off and nothing changed so the rudder kept turning. I tried using a 787 and it did the same thing so it must be a general fsx issue It’s FSX:SE and it does it for every type of aircraft 
    • Is it that hard in this day and age to believe some of us prefer as much realism as possible. I've always enjoyed flying actual routes with the correct aircraft model. Yes I own the PMDG 777 but I prefer the 777-300 and the Freighter because their routes are more interesting and take me to different places. It's amazing how quickly people get on you when you prefer realism.   Mathijs brought up a good point above that I didn't consider "Apart from the engine displays showing a different set of numbers......" and still respecting the users preference for realism by providing additional information.
    • @Heinz Flichtbeil   Will pressing the enable buttons for colors and seasons do any changes to standard X-Plane 11 files if you don't have the seasons pack installed?   Reason for me asking is I did that yesterday night just to see if there would be any changes. I got this message telling me a scenery reload was required. I chose to allow that and it then took quite some time for it to finish.   What happened (if anything) during that scenery reload when I didn't have the seasons plugin installed?   I think I'll just skip all this for now but before putting this behind me, I want to make sure I don't go on from here with any modified files without knowing about it.   I guess I could find out by launching the X-Plane 11 installer and allow it to replace any modified files. But only if necessary.
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