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    • My friends,   If you're running the AS Update as Admin and have Experimental Updates selected and still don't see an update available, it is possible that either the A330 Install didn't go as planned, the folder permissions to where  you installed to are whacked (that is a Windows issue), or the product wasn't installed with computer security disabled and/or the installer wasn't run as Admin.   It's an extremely quick process to correct most of that in one fell swoop...   1. Uninstall the A330, 2. Reboot 3. Redownload the A330 (important) 4. Disable Computer Security, 5. Run the installer as Admin, 6. Reboot. 7. Run the AS Updater as Admin, ensure Experimental Updates is selected, and update the A330.     NOTE: Never install the A330 to the Main P3D folder!   Hopefully that will resolve your issues.    If you have issues after that, please let us know where the AS Updater is installed to.   Best wishes my friends, and good night for now.        
    • Air China  please~🥺🥺
    • They did warn you guys not to buy it if you're going to get your knickers in a twist 😀
    • Tried again as well and the update showed up. Installing now.
    • I saw this issue also.  Is it an FSUIPC thing??   Phil
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