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    • Hi Dave, No worries you tired and i appreciate all your effort. Am still getting 8000kg difference between PFPX and A330 weights. I will maybe email support and see what they can offer. Thanks again. 
    • Virgin Australia please. They operate -200's but if someone could do a -300 that would be awesome
    • I wondered if you'd see that!    Hey, did you get my text message today?  Tomorrow if you have a minute.  
    • That's what I heard too.....     This one will be tough though....don't look for it from me for a bit.  She is also not the 1st in line (am I really a retired painter? LoL)
    • Since you already claimed "First of all", I'll have to go with SECOND....  Any chance you read the release notes... the ones that say Read Bfore Buying?  Mathijs wrote about the Livery manager the that notice.  I'll even provide you with a link!       So that you won't go away thinking that you can't use the growing number of awesome liveries... adding the livery to an aircraft manually is not only incredibly fast and easy, but instructions are provided in every single repaint. You can also Google "P3D how to manually add livery" for step by step instructions if you need them at that level.  The default location of the aircraft.cfg file is   Documents\Aerosoft\Aerosoft A330 Professional Beta\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft A333 RR Professional   I hope this is helpful to you.   Best wishes.        
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