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    • The problem with the FuelPlanner is not yet resolved with the latest update.
    • I am used a share everything I fix and discover with the community, but after my last post in a topic, the topic was closed without any decent comment about my post. Seriously thinking about keeping it to myself in the future...     But for all the people who like Rotterdam X and can't use it in P3Dv4 because the runway lights do not work I will publish the fix here for one more time:     Since Rotterdam professional was cancelled, I installed the 'old' Rotterdam X version in P3Dv4. Everything OK except for the runway lighting and PAPI. I converted the AFCAD file to P3Dv4 and manually added the runway lights. Now the airport is completely usable!    To install: - Go to the Rotterdam scenery folder (Aerosoft\Dutch Airports - Rotterdam\Scenery) - Rename the file AF2_EHRD.bgl to - Unzip the attachment and place the file in the same folder   Now you have night lights at Rotterdam!
    • so FOB....OK....   So Leg #2, LSZH-OMDB all is great, line up EFOB #'s are good, 11.2 on arrival at OMDB, advance levers to FLEX, rotate take off, retract FLAPS then WHAM, EFOB is -3.8 on arrival at OMDB. I took 84,700 pounds....I am now also seeing the EFOB of the Last Waypoint being SERIOUSLY off, from exactly what you were saying.....
    • Another solution would be to use trial and error and move it every time then preview it with the Dynamic Reflection Maker by TomatoShade.  That works decently fine by me and although it takes a small amount of time to export it every time, I got used to it now. 
    • Remaining on board
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