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    • I have download and install  And so using the 9older option. Is there away to get the new option working, I'm so lost right now since there are two topics and whatnot
    • Wenn dich ATC weiterleitet, hast du auf jeden Fall so schnell wie möglich Kontakt auf der vorgegebenen Frequenz mit dem/der Controller/in aufzunehmen! Und im richtigen Leben befolgt die Crew auch die Anweisungen der Controller. Das wird schon seinen Sinn haben.   Gruß Hermann 
    • The first image (1a) shows the SID and the first waypopint (MALBY) together with the flight plan on the EFB.  Image 2a shows the second waypoint  UGNUS in the correct position.  Image 3a shows what happens when I add the next waypoint NAXAT.  It appears between MALBY and UGNUS  giving an incorrect routing and flight plan.  Image 4a has had the last waypoint added after UGNUS (which is incorrect). To correct the plan I had to delete UGNUS and then re-add it in its correct position after MALBY.  This then gave me a correct flight plan.  I have had the same thing happen in other flight plans where one of the waypoints has jumped backwards similarly to this happening.  Hope this will help your deliberations
    • thank you Data63   is it possible fix this bug?   Thanks in advance
    • The CoG is adjusted by moving cargo in the cargo bays. No Cargo, nothing to adjust. But 30.4 is fully ok.
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