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    • EFB simply shows this error at all times    
    • Have a AMD 3900x processor along with related motherboard and added ram (ddr4 3600 32gb) computer parts for a new system. Currently using the Intel i7 7700k with 16gb ram and wondering if there will be any improvement with this system which will continue to use Nvidia 1070 card.  Also considering the Intel i9 10900k but hard to get and about $170 US higher in price. Hopefully,  Mathijs Kok can answer this question since he uses this processor with Prepar3d v5 and maybe MSFS2020 (which he can't say due to NDA).   Thanks, Darryl
    • Im still having this issue even after the update, my external lights (nav, strobe, landing, beacons) are almost non-existent.    Yes I rebooted after installing,   Yes I have experimental updates checked in the updater.
    • The LEGS page would be the proper place to clear a discontinuity, rather than the FPLN page. There are some other problems though.   You are trying to load an RNP approach, and a real CRJ is not legally authorized or even capable of flying an RNP-based RNAV approach. In the real aircraft database, none of the LOWI approaches prefixed with “RNP” would even appear on the approach page as options. You would be limited to the LOC 26, or the LOC DME E or LOC DME W.   In the Navigraph database, every available approach for a given airport will be present. Although the sim version of the CRJ might try to load an RNP procedure, there is no guarantee it will be able to make sense of it or fly it correctly. For one thing, RNP requires an aircraft with a full VNAV system, which the CRJ doesn’t have.
    • It looks different because it's one of the ones that can't be deleted, perhaps.    I don't know what else to tell you. The discontinuity you're trying to delete cannot be deleted, not in the Aerosoft CRJ, not in the real CRJ.    The snippet I have you comes from the manual for the real FMS 4.2, for the real CRJ, of which I am a real trainer on. The first picture you posted matches the format of discontinuities from the real plane. And trying to delete a discontinuity that can't be deleted will indeed give you "not allowed"    I'm not sure why you have an arc in there in the first place, the RNP 08 to LOWI doesn't have one. 
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