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    • Hallo,  sobald ich mit dem Flugzeug in der Luft bin gibt es kein Wetter Radar mehr, benutze Echtzeitwetter... Hänge ein paar Screenshots an. Weiß jemand weiter?   Flugzeug ist die B757-200 
    • here: https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/content.php?19931-Review-Aerosoft-FSDG-Rhodes   They conclude:  So as you might have guessed, this scenery was a big win for me, and although the island and coverage area aren't as big as some of the other sceneries I've reviewed in the past, I can honestly say that as a result of my experience using this scenery for the past several weeks, I am going to give this scenery a solid 9 out of 10! The only negative point (and I had to really try hard to find one) being perhaps the ground textures to the sides of the runway - maybe these could be better textured? Overall though, a fantastic piece of scenery that I'm sure I will continue to use on a regular basis in P3D V4! I was extremely impressed by the performance and the graphics provided by this scenery, and the fact that Aerosoft have also tried their best to implement landmarks and features of the island, really help make this scenery stand out.   Nice images as well!      
    • We will always ONLY release for the very last version of the sim available but the client only should be okay.
    • I did the P3D V4.4 > 4.5 upgrade,  but only the Sim, not the scenery and content (still new to flight sim and don't want to make to many changes at one point).   Question is just the upgrade is sufficient to play the new A330?  TY..............................
    • Ad, Strange is that I cannot tick the SODE box in the tool - after saving its gone again.....   Peter
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