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    • Sascha, thanks for the work-around. And we all look forward to your more elegant solution. Mike
    • Mathijs,   Thanks for posting the information and for creating the files to map the switches. It makes it SO much easier!
    • OK, I understand. As time ago the VHHX we used to find the database info to add it in AIRAC files, can we find the info for NZIR? Actually, AIRAC supports VHHX. For the NZIR not yet so far.
    • Thanks for the update, which raise some question :   As suggested in your "changelog", I took a look to the updated templates. And I see the following examples :   "Variable": ">K:TOGGLE_MASTER_BATTERY", or "Variable": "K:TOGGLE_GENALT_BUS1_CONTACT",   Could you confirme that the first one, with ">" is the right syntax to use....   Thanks - Gérard
    • I did re-download the installer and re-installed, but still Raiffeisen jetways 31 and 41 (left and right in the picture). I do have GSX 2 but not FSDT LSGG. Latest update for GSX 2 and P3DV4.5H2 installed. Other Mega sceneries are fine. No clue how to procede?? Thanks, Peter
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