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    • Thanks Hanse, that makes sense to me. Long gone is the day the Purser would enter the flight deck and turn over a card on the centre console that said “Cabin Ready”. 😀
    • Thanks Mathijs. Hopefully it won't be too long till the actual Bravo quadrants are with us also. I think the combination of the Bravo Throttle quadrant and the Airbus throttle addon will give us a really immersive experience.
    • Jetzt bin ich doch mal etwas mit dem Bell rumgeflogen... 🙂    
    • I have never been so disappointed in an Aerosoft products’ installer. I have installed, and uninstalled all versions of this scenery, and every single time, it creates havoc with either SODE, and/or other add-ons. After every new install, I’m missing gates at Imaginesim, Fsdreamteam, and Flightbeam, and the only way to resolve is to uninstall Geneva, then uninstalling SODE, then reinstalling every scenery again.    I’ve been simming for maybe 30 years, never had an installer create such havoc, and I just will have to live without Geneva, as I will not try to install this scenery again!   Sorry for the negative tone in this post, but this has been very frustrating.    Cheers, Pete
    • Verzeihung, wenn ich hier für Verwirrung sorge....   Ihr seit die Experten, die Anzeige im PFD ( drei Beitrage drüber ) basiert auf diese Information 119.275   Auch im " X-Airport " wird diese ausgegeben.   Und in den Jeppesen Charts steht für Loc DME für die Runway 26  255° ; 111.10Mhz OEV   Und jetzt will ich es wissen und flieg das jetzt sofort nochmal mit den Angaben  
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