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    • I recently got around to getting tacpack and am now revisiting my Lightning fleet.  In reviewing the different manuals, I note the manual for the F.6 contained various shortcuts for various operation as follows:   To facilitate operation, the following keyboard shortcuts are allocated:  Hand controller /Acquisition ring Arrow keys  Arm/safe Ctrl+A  Missile Jettison Ctrl+Shift+J  Weapons Reload Ctrl+Shift+W  Phase Change Shift+W  Select Guns Ctrl+Shift+1  Select Missiles Ctrl+Shift+2  Radar on Ctrl+Shift+3  Select VisIent Ctrl+Shift+4  Range 10/40 Ctrl+Shift+5  Range 80/40 Ctrl+Shift+6  Missile Pairs Ctrl+Shift+7  Radar visor Ctrl+Shift+8  Reject track Ctrl+Shift+U   My question (which is likely obvious):  Do these shortcuts work as well with all other models such as F3 and T5, etc.??  I didn't notice them in the other manuals, so thought I'd ask the experts.  Thanks   --WH
    • Hallo, nach langer Zeit habe ich mal weider X-Plane 11 installiert. Nun habe ich bemerkt, dass mein Helicopter (AS350B3 Plus und BK-117 - v10) trotz Cold and Dark, sich bewegen. 
    • I'm going to bump this thread because I've heard nothing from Aerosoft support. This is an important function of the FMS used on every flight and should be modeled correctly. 
    • And if you're considering getting nav data updated on any regular basis (each 56 day cycle or so many times a year) you should also take a look at NavData Pro. Here's a link. If you take a look at both services, you'll see they each offers either navigation database updates for your Airbus and/or charts. The appearance of the charts is the major difference.
    • ok. Thanks now updated to .10
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