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    • Hallo,   habe heute auf die Version 11.50 (Beta) aktualisiert (ex 11.41). Meine GK Nvidia GTX 1070 werkelt mit dem neusten Treiber     Probleme:   kein Ton  Cockpit FF A320 lässt sich nicht aktivieren (weder mit der Maus, noch mit Saitek 52) X-Plane stürzt immer wieder ab.   Nachdem ich wieder auf die Vorgängerversion zurückgegangen bin, gab es all diese Probleme nicht mehr!   I 7- 7700 RAM 16 GB GK Nvidia GTX 1070   Was könnte falsch gelaufen sein?   Gruß monty0705      
    • Hi   When we can expect an update of the iOS app?
    • 1. Which aircraft and engine combination are you referring to?  There are eight (8) different aircraft models included in the Airbus Professional Series, so we really need to know which one you're writing about.   2. We have one person report issues with the reverse thrust and we told him it was a calibration issue, which proved to be correct. I can personally testify that there are no issues in our code/models with reverse thrust, and as you are using the F2 key it shouldn't be a calibration issue.  I'm guessing that you have not set the repeat command to the far right for the F2 Keybind or you have another key or axis bound to reverse thrust, or a thrust level is still commanding forward thrust when you command reverse thrust (which overrides reverse thrust).  If you would like to post a screen shot of your reverse thrust bind I would be happy to take a look at it.   3. Above 10 knots of speed the nose wheel steering capability reduces proportionally as ground speed increases.  You didn't really explain the conditions under which you are having issues with nose wheel steering, so it's difficult to provide you with advice.  But I will say that there are no issues with our Nose Wheel Steering in any of the Airbus Professional Series so this also must be an issue with your system or settings.   Best wishes!        
    • Can anyone make this livery?   TC-JIZ TUrkish Airlines A330-200
    • I'll have to double check, but I believe the Radio Altimeter doesn't work above 2500ft, AND the 2574ft is for Decision Altitude (DA) which is also Barometric Pressure, not the Decision Height (DH) which is used for the Radio Altimeter entry.  The Decision Height (Radio Altimeter) for that approach is 404ft.   That should solve this for you my friend.  Keep in mind the difference between DA and DH when looking at Approach Plates!   Best wishes.  
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