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    • Thanks for answer   is there anyway to cancel this option? Is this related to ETOPS or called Adequate Airport?  
    • As far as I am aware, the only way to load a DLL without using DLL.xml is for special gauge DLLs which are added in panel.cfg.   I would love to know how this miracle happens as you're not the first one who had the problem. A nice and simple "do this to fix it" would be so great. But well, at least it works for you now.
    • Guys, please reconsider (re-read?) once again what trisho0 actually wrote: the sinking in the ground is only visible during the undocking process. Not while docking, not while docked to the aircraft. So screenshots showing that your jetways are fine while docked or in the parking position or while docking simply does not help with the issue. I checked the video, yes he is using GSX, but the GSX menue bar (green bar on top) clearly indicates "this gate uses default jetways".   So it might be a mixture of both, no? @trisho0 I would nevertheless open a thread over at the GSX support forums to ask if GSX modifies the sequence of animation for default jetways in any way (I doubt). Personally, I haven't checked if the undocking results in sunken jetway wheels, as I basically upgraded to GSX Level 2 jetways on almost all possible addon sceneries, including LSZH. Furthermore, honestly, I usually do not watch the undocking animation from outside ;-)
    • In finding the route PFPX locates your adequate airports, max 60min flying time.   It is creating ETP's between these and displaying them on the map as GO points as possible enroute diversions.   The GO point is displayed on the map and also listed in the OFP, in your example OBBI is listed midway in the OFP indicating you are closer to that airport.
    • Can you try disconnecting the PC from the internet and then starting PFPX
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