!! Windows 7 no longer supported !!

As Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 on Jan 20th we will be unable to test any of our
products on that platform. It may work, or it may not, but no guarantees from our side. 

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    • Hallo Reinhard,   zuerst ein herzliches willkommen im Forum.   Leider kann ich dir zur Bedienung der Maschine wenig sagen, denn ich habe sie nicht. Bei Youtube gibt es aber ein Tutorial, dass dir hoffentlich weiterhilft.   Viele Grüße Horst   P.S. Wenn du des englischen mächtig bist, da gibt es sehr viele Videos zur Maschine bei Youtube.      
    • Yes, I talk of Aerosoft A320/321, with alla engine variant I have I noticed this "problem". Ok then no problem. Thanks you so much
    • I am having ongoing CTD and AP Disco issues on flights over 5-8 hours long. I recently upgraded to Win 10 from Win7 these issues were present in Win7.   Is anyone else having these issues. I am at a loss and losing interest in flying the 330.  When the AP Disco issue happens I am usually away from the PC and on return I am either jet-skiing across the ground or the ocean.  The CTD just happens.   I have plenty of power inside my PC box. I do not get these on my PMDG and FSLab products. BTW I have done a 7 hour KBOS/EGCC flight with the FSLabs 321 with perfection. I did not want to discuss the other developers in my post but it is the only way to demonstrate that other quality products have no issues.    I am considering uninstalling an reinstalling with Win10 and see if that helps.   Thanks for your help. I really want to accomplish a  Trans Atlantic or Pacific flight someday with this product. BTW the panel textures are done very well.   Randy
    • I experience stuttering on approach and on take off with Aerosoft LIMJ, but not with any of my other Aerosoft airports. I find I can reduce / eliminate the stuttering by adjusting the P3D frame rate setting down from unlimited to 60 fps. But, all of my other Aerosoft airports work much better with frame rate set at unlimited.    I know this is probably not an Aerosoft issue, more likely P3D and my monitor settings. However, I do experience excellent results with frame rates set to unlimited for all of my airports except LIMJ, so I thought it might be worth asking if this is a known issue with this airport, or if there is a recommended course of action to address this phenomenon.   I'm using a 3 monitor set up in P3D, and a GTX1070 graphics card. Frame rates are generally excellent under all conditions and at all airports except the above.   Many thanks.
    • Hallo und guten Tag Binn ein absoluter Neuling im Forum. Habe mir eine C208B für XP11 gekauft und komme nicht sorichtig klar damit. Vielleicht könnte mir ja einer eine Hilfestellung geben. Meine Probleme: -ich kann keine Checklisten im Flugzeug aufrufen (sollten doch in der Installationsdatei dabei sein) -desweiteren kann ich keine Diagramme und diesbezügliche Ansichten im Flugzeug laden Da kommt bestimmt noch mehr dazu. Habt vielen Dank für eure Hilfe ps Ich stelle mich bestimmt zu dumm an aber mit ü-60 ist das alles nicht mehr so einfach.
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