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    • I edited the asphalt. Your point of view regarding these corrections is important! Grass was also edited. The seasonality of the grass covers three periods: winter (the grass is slightly covered with snow); spring - summer (grass with wildflowers); Autumn (grass without flowers). P.S. On the screens, asphalt at different times of the day.  
    • I did a flight from Singapore to Perth yesterday and used the fuel planner and I should have had 7,000kg in reserve on landing according to it, but I only landed with 1,200kg   Unlike the A320/321 Professional fuel planning, which is very accurate, the A330 fuel planning needs some creative accounting.  As a temporary fix, I'm using SIMBRIEF fuel calculation and then just adjusting the A330 fuel planner reserve figure until the total fuel in the SIMBRIEF matches the total figure in the fuel planner.  This is a lot more reliable at this stage.
    • hello, I have 2 issues. first how do i install liveries. there is no livery manager with my install. when i open it it has the livery manager for a318/319. i have the 318/19/20/21/ professional installed.   second. i think because of this i do not have any airplanes showing in the selection menu in p3d.   any clue how i fix this. i have attempted to search for the 330 livery manager and in the folder it just directs me to the 318/319 manager   thanks \ chris  
    • For me i stopped using GSX loading and refueling. Open mcdu load fuel weight and correct cg from loadsheet via A3XX Fuelplanner and click instant load on mcdu during turnaround.
    • Am on version: Did a 3hour flight loaded everything on A3XX fuelplanner with 45minutes worth of holding, 15minutes of contigency fuel and 300nm miles fuel for diversion and top of that  loaded an additional 3 tonnes worth of fuel as buffer on the mcdu correctly and still i am getting DEST EFOB -0.1  on cruising. Is this being look at currently?
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