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    • Hi Mathijs just wondering does Lufthansa compile the data into 'flightsim addon' text files and send it to you guys or does someone at Aerosoft compile the data so addons can read/understand the data? To make LIDO airac work fully correct in the FSX airbus only RNAV/RNP procedures need to be changed from 'H' to 'R' type in the PROC text files. Wondering if you could ask whoever compiles the airac for this addon to make the change?   Regards Brian
    • Just installed the CRJ Pro, and I'm running into the same issue.  This matches the behavior of the original CRJ but no other aircraft in my hangar.  I ripped my hair out trying to isolate it on the original.  For me, displays have no impact unfortunately.    (i7 7700k @ 4.8, 1080 Ti with utilization only ~50-70%, Win 10 P3D v4.5 and default shaders; use ActiveSky & ChasePlane but disabling those has no effect.)
    • Hello    it‘s a bug with the newest version? What I noticed too is that when I‘m taxiing on those, the plane seems to taxi on grass or unpaved surface.
    • Sorry Nixon,   here is not the GSX support forum.   But, even when hard to see on your PDF, the install Path GSX seams to report for Sim-wings Heathrow Professional looks like it is below c:\programm files (x86), which is not the default path for addons in Aerosoft installers and absolut critical for Tools, which try to handle it.  That you deinstall UK2000 after, not before you install another Addon for the same airport is critical too, but seams not to be the reason, why GSX fails.   Please uninstall sim-wings Heathrow and change the install path on the page of the installer showing you the path to a directory like c:\P3DV4-Addons, outside pf any windows controlled system path. When this not help, contact the provider of GSX to explain you, what generate this error in there tool.   (But it is funny, that GSX seams to try to create a file, that is part of another addon, which failed by the protection of Windows. In this case, Windows seams to work as expected, by the way.)
    • Thought I had. Screen shots in the morning. Thanks
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