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    • Wahrscheinlich hat Ezdok was verbogen. Sieh zu, dass du es wieder los wirst und installiere den Airbus sicherheitshalber neu.
    • Hi Benjamin,   I am wondering about the difference between a profile and a template. Am I correct in thinking that the resulting JSON files are basically the same, and that it is just a matter of 'organizing' what AS pre-made and what I make myself?
    • Thanks, Stefan. What I don‘t quite get is: Why didn‘t you design the taxi light as a single nosegear light, and the landing lights (when switched on) light only the left and right of the airplane. Or wouldn’t that have provided the desired amount of brightness? Currently, it seems to be the other way round: The taxilight(s) light the left and right of the plane, while the front of the plane is only lit if one switches the landing lights on.
    • Amazing!  Aerosoft Customer Service in a nutshell.    Thank you, Stefan!
    • Really nice stream Dave but one thing I didn't catch, that 2d version of the EFB, is that something you get with the plane or is it some 3rd party? Also. What feature were you unsure i it would be ready for release regarding charts? Was it Navigraph?
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