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All your questions and comments on simulator hardware like sticks, yokes, throttles go here. This forum section is open to English/German/Dutch and French language. Cedric will be your host.


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    Welcome to Cedric's corner.

    Cedric is our expert in simulation hardware and we know nobody else who knows more about controllers, drivers and USB conflicts then he does. If you have ANY question about hardware this is the place to ask it.

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    One of the best known brands, Logitech/Madcatz/Saitek delivers medium costs hardware that is very popular with our customers.

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    • Hi all,   Within the PFPX-Configuration going to Planning/Units, I cannot change under SID/STAR the "Auto Shortest" to "Manual" If I do so it jumps back to "Auto Shortest" It messes up my planning Please advise   Pieter Veelo
    • FLP ist geladen. Trotz Autopilot und LNAV fliege ich nur kurven und AP und die 737 folgt nicht dem Flightplan. Was mache ich falsch?  Muss ich noch irgendwo GLS einstellen wie bei der Cessna. Danke.
    • Je nachdem, was Du nicht mehr sehen willst, klickst Du "[Sound] ..." und/oder "[Userinterface] ..." an und dann "Angehakte Einträge ignorieren", so wie Du es auch mit den anderen gemacht hast.
    • To add to Herman's answer, this is only true when using the launcher along with flight simulation products.   For other products in other simulation areas (like e.g. bus simulations) it is still being used.   
    • The updater is a relatively new tool and for now it has only been added to news add-ons releases.    Over time it will also be added to existing add-ons which are getting a major update.