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    • Issues have already been communicated to Aerosoft.
    • Recommendation is to set it ON, but you should BLOOM turn off. Brightness should also be a bit reduced, but this also depends on the hardware settings of your monitor.
    • I haven't had double jetways and SODE was activated (and fully functional) from the beginning. Even before starting the config tool the first time.  But I can confirm your findings about the "amnesia" the tool have.  
    • After only reading in this forum for a long time this topic gets me out of the silence.   In my opinion the only reason why the SimBrief question turned up lately again is because the other navigation data provider has drastically increased the costs for their product and now people are looking for a cheaper alternative. This is of course totally ok but I don't know if this is the right motivation for coming here and trying to shame Aerosoft for not having a feature request already implemented. I am sure they have hundreds or thousands of feature requests in total for all their products. And every requester sees his request of course as the most important one, the one that if it is not getting fulfilled the world will stop spinning around from.  A product can have 1000 features, but if one feature is missing for me, this is suddenly the worst product and the worst company in the world for not giving me what I want.    I don't know, in my grown up world things work a little bit different. I have learned that the world is not cycling around me, and if I am getting told that my wish is taken seriously and its importance of is understood, that is ok for me. Pushing further reminds me on what is coming out from the children room upstairs...   For me, the fact that NavDataPro is getting geo-referenced maps and with that also a moving map feature (just like I could get it from the other data provider) is much more important than the support for another add-on/tool. Also, for me it is obvious that developing such a new feature binds development resources which are not available for implementing other things at the moment. Simple 1 + 1 = 2 to me, but obviously not not for everyone in here.   Just my few cents...  
    • Hallo XPlaner.   Habe mir heute von FlyTampa die Thessaloniki Scenery zugelegt. Bei der Installation hatte ich Verständnisprobleme. Als Windows Nutzer habe ich die Windows Version FlyTampa _Universal_XP_Setup.exe (423KB) heruntergeladen. Bei der Installation sollte ich dann die entsprechende Seriennummer eingeben. Diese wurde jedoch nicht nicht akzeptiert und somit war die Installation nicht möglich.   Dann habe ich aus lauter Neugierde die Mac & Linux Version heruntergeladen und mit Erstaunen festgestellt, dass sich diese Version auf meinem System Problemlos installieren lies, und keine SerNr benötigt wurde. Und es gab auch keinerlei Probleme mit der Scenery! Was läuft hier schief? Oder habe ich etwas falsch verstanden?                                                                                                                                                                                        Gruß Hermann
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