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    • Thank you to all at Aerosoft for the updates.  May I please respectfully enquire about the weather / terrain WASM data interaction issue, and whether this has been addressed, or at least recognised, by Asobo? I’m not chasing Aerosoft at all, as I recognise that issue is beyond your reach at this time, I’m just reaching out for any news.  Again, thank you. Fabio
    • I'm on P3D v5.2.22.27615 and for the A320 fam.   Cannot get exterior lights to properly display on these aircraft. The switches work, but there's no effect outside the cockpit from the landing lights, taxi lights, etc. From an exterior view, no beacon or strobe can be seen, but the coronas for the landing lights are visible, just no splash -- i.e. dark runway. Oddly, the wing lights seem to work, as do the logo lights (see screenshots).   I was having lighting issues inside the flight deck but a re-install seems to have fixed that.   No shader mods installed Have uninstalled, cleared all folders, and re-installed these aircraft multiple times (admin privileges/antivirus turned off/reboots) Other aircraft, including the A330, work fine. Have tried turning on and off HDR, dynamic lighting, EA, etc. Nothing works. Have cleared P3D's shader cache many times. Have also searched the forums here, found a few threads that seemed relevant, but nothing has worked for me.   If anyone has any ideas as to what may be causing this, I'm all ears.  
    • Hi,  I've takeoff and put in the FMC a direct to point and the msfs 2020 crashed,  someone has the same problem?  I've already uninstall and install.  I don't know what to do.   I've tried for several times and it's always crashed when I manipulate de FMC in flight.
    • Auch wenn es Dir nicht gefällt, muss ich diesen Unfug korrigieren. Der Einstellwinkel einer aerodynamischen Oberfläche eines Flugzeugs ist konstruktiv bedingt und nicht veränderbar. Der Anstellwinkel einer aerodynamischen Oberfläche eines Flugzeugs ist etwas ganz anderes und zu 100% durch Maßnahmen des Piloten bedingt.  
    • Don't think so.. Holdings were not mentioned. RF are Radius to Fix legs, nothing relared to holdings in any way at all.
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