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    • Das geht - so wie ich bisher das gesehen habe - immer nacheinander, also 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3. Man kann noch eine prozentuale Verteilung angeben mit RATIO.   Die ganzen Einträge in der Library sind als EXPORT_BACKUP angelegt, wenn also nirgendwo was anderes definiert ist, dann wird das genommen. Will man statt der obigen 3 Objekte nur eines, eigenes haben, dann sieht der Eintrag so aus:   EXPORT x-europe/commercial/commercial_04x14.obj  objects/default/mein_viel_schoeneres_haus.obj
    • Hello! I have a big problem. Sometimes it happens that lights on the switches in the cockpit are not working. For example if I press on the button to start APU there is no yellow light, if I press the switch to start the right engine there is no yellow indication on the switch....  On some flights it doesn't work but on some flights it is works perfectly. Is also made a Prepar3D V4.4 and CRJ reinstall.   Regards!
    • If you want to use the forum event calendar to announce your flight and to find a crew member follow these guidelines. Date/Time The time is a bit tricky, when you make the entry you use the 24-hour clock, unfortunately, the calendar will show the time in AM/PM. In any case, make sure you use ZULU (GMT) time.  A good website to calculate timezones is here . Time Zone Make sure you set the calendar to GMT+0 Title The most important. State the Departure and Arrival airport and the aircraft type Description Always start with the voice channel you are going to use (Skype, Discord etc). Add all the information you find useful. You will find some test flight inserted here: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/calendar/3-events/events/2019/4/     If you want to join this flight, make a comment at the event. You can then discuss details, exchange flight plans etc. This will also show others that this flight is 'booked'.    
    • Ohje... Es lag Mal wie bei 90 % der Probleme beim Anwender 😁 ich hab die Mesh vergessen runter zu setzten.  Vielen Dank nochmal. 
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