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    • For EFB idea, doors, payload and pax, I simply thins it would be better than an external panel or inside the MCDU, that is MY opinion. Like it will be accessible faster than try to go in the mcdu...
    • Hello,   Absolutely loving the Airbus Pro package and have been flying a lot of hours in them lately. I especially like the "Pro View" option and have flown with both the cockpit and wing versions enabled during the day and night.   However, tonight I was flying and stepped away for a few minutes and when I returned the view options had changed to something different (for example, no overhead panel option). I have no idea why it changed. I tried to find the answer and read somewhere there are different displays for night time.   1. Is it true the view options for the Pro View window bar changes based on the time of day? -- If so, can it be changed to always display the same view regardless of time?   2. How do you restore the default day views no matter what time of day it is?   If the views are based on the time of day with no way to override the setting that will be very disappointing but I'm hoping that's not the case as I don't remember the aircraft doing this before.   Any insight or help is appreciated.
    • Yep,   Something similar happening here(V1.2.3.0).  When clicking over the Multifunction Display (24c in Tutorial PDF,  like HSI) in order to pop-up a bigger screen to read data, well, a CTD is likely to occur....   Not happening with EICAS displays,  but it is randomly happening with PFD.....    So,  avoid clicking over it and everything will be fine for now until next update....   Happy Flying!    
    • Got it.....   Good to communicate before....       Happy Flying!😎
    • Project Open Scenery Israel from FTXDes:   Good luck! Torsten
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