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    • Aerosoft Twin Otter in P3Dv5 hf2 at Port Hedland Western Australia        
    • Hans, you are the man! That appears to have fixed it. 😉    Thanks!!   What a weird problem indeed.
    • Hi,   I have been experiencing heavy stutters in the sense of high frame variations (within a second) in P3D v4 and v5 in Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza. They only happen when (any) airplane is flying over the water around the islands (e.g on final LEPA RWY 06). Over land the performance is smooth. The transition is always exactly over the coastline. I could trace the issue down to the three files LEPA_CVX-Terrain.BGL, LEMH_CVX-Terrain.BGL and LEIB_CVX-Terrain.BGL. If you disable them, the stutters are gone.   I then had a look at them with TMFviewer (s. picture). The stutters appear when the aircraft is over the blue area, which defines the water polygons of each island (there are also exclusion areas and airport bounds in the files). The water poly used is of old FS2004 type (LWM) and it seems that P3D is not efficient in rendering these. For FSX/P3D there exists a different type of water poly which does not induce stutters. Sim-wings (and most other developers) have already used this type e.g. in the Gran Canaria Prof and La Palma Prof sceneries.   Is it possible to get an updated version of the three files? I am not sure if they even are required as I have not seen yet a visual problem with water or exclusion. Without the files, there are now waves at the beaches.   Regards, Yves     Technical info: The water poly GUID in the three CVX-files refers to the following entry in terrain.cfg (default and ORBX):   // Legacy_LandWaterMask_Water_NoFlatten [Texture.381] Name=Legacy_LandWaterMask_Water_NoFlatten Color=FF638AC2 guid={5835459A-4B8B-41F2-ADC1-DEE721573B28} Textures=OCEAN_SEA_LARGE_LAKE_0 FlattenMode=none LandClassRemapType=none ExcludeAutogen=Yes RenderToTexture=Yes RenderPriority=80000 Water=Yes   In Sim-wings Gran Canaria Prof the file GC_CVX-Terrain.bgl uses the newer FSX/P3D entry: // Hydro Polygons - Generic Ocean - Perennial [Texture.199] Name=Hydro_Polygons_Generic_Ocean_Perennial Color=FF2938FF guid={2D103429-89EB-4CB3-A61E-E188E79C77E7} Textures=OCEAN_SEA_LARGE_LAKE_0 FlattenMode=slope FlattenPriority=41000 ExcludeAutogen=Yes RenderToTexture=Yes RenderPriority=81000 Water=Yes
    • What I've noticed is that the deviations (for me) occur after a direct-to segment. Wonder if it's like this for anyone else? 
    • Yeah I just had this one appear as well. Multiple re-selections of Direct-to resulted in multiple attempts to veer off-course, commanded by the F/D in NAV mode. Gonna dig and see why.....
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