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    • Hi I have PFPX V2.03 I can't add any aircraft And it doesn't save me a flight plan either (after i close the pfpx  they gone) many thanks  
    • The profile doesn't seem to be the problem, I get this completely arbitrarily, but with any profile for any aircraft at any odd time. This never happened with v1.x, but in v2.x it's been every 5-10 flights.   I put the exact same parameters in now, and it spit out N0322F110 instead. Not great still, but at least the route isn't a subway line anymore. Whatever addition in v2.x that causes this should be completely deselectable for those types of flights this level optimisation function isn't good at dealing with.   And why does it arbitrarily ignore MIN FL?
    • Thanks for the compliment, Peter!  Truth be known though, I took somewhat of a "leave of absence" for about 4 or so years, but still keeping track of a few things at the site here and there, especially the forums (sure has been quiet around here, with help or direction if I could give it.)  Hopefully some of the glider community comes back around, but I did some "research" about Condor 2 that came out some time last year that keeps most of them busy I bet, and it may take a lot to win some of the old gang back.  In fact, I had been contemplating adding Condor and Condor 2 to the menu at SOAR, but my final decision was to leave it alone.  And then I think I made a good decision by keeping it out with talk of a new Flight Simulator title coming out from Microsoft.  I've really got my hopes high about the new Flight Simulator title, not to mention my hopes for FSX if all goes well.  I've been waiting for some FSX news from Microsoft, but that's been almost a month since last heard anything about it.  I've been wanting to make a few more online/offline glider races to see if there would be much attendance and about how many old and new members of the community there would possibly be.  I believe in my heart that SOAR can thrive again if I can just give it a little kick.   Thanks again Peter, and again Thanks for CumulusX! and WinchX!, as well as your Slope Data Base Tool! and everything else you have contributed to the glider community!  Once in a while I go through some of the alpha/beta testing that I got to be involved with with CumulusX!, and WOW, it's come a long way!   Scott
    • Prima Übung. Besonders der visuelle Teil einer Circle-To-Land macht Spaß. (Ton erst ab der Mitte des Videos, Flieger zu weit weg)    
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