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    • My monitor resolution and P3D resolution are the exact same, just double checked that.  And there is nothing I would rather be doing right now!
    • That really looks to be a scaling issue, so forget about clicking on the Square Change (I was trying to show why this isn't the real solution but I don't think I explained that well enough, sorry about that!).  Just change the the P3D resolution to match your monitor resolution and see if that resolves the problem.     That's very kind of you to say, thank you!   But that's what we're here for my friend, to get you up and flying!  Sometimes there is only so much we can do, but we're not there yet with the issue you're having.   Hopefully changing the resolution in P3D will solve this for you.  
    • And actually, I just discovered something that may make it even weirder.  When I click that button you pointed out while the sim was maximized, it goes to a smaller resolution without issue.  However the issue is still affected when I click the title bar.  I’m unsure if this information would help you determine the issue better, or make it more difficult.  But in any case, any help you have given and may give in the future means a lot to me, Sir. AEEE2E8B-C2DD-4C26-9442-95B352285C4C.mp4
    • Thanks again!  However that is exactly what I did in the original video, it was at full monitor resolution, and when I clicked the title bar it shrunk down to a lower resolution.