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    • You have not cleared the EuroControl validation errors.   If you are not bothered with valid routes use the advanced route editor and put a tick in 'Ignore Route Restrictions' and select upper airways.   You'll get the route you are after: MARU4T MARUN Y153 WRB UL126 LBV UP615 EKERN UM852 ALASA M852 ALS Z731 SABAK L997 LUNIP LUNI4L
    • any news?
    • Hi All,   The managed speed problem cleared after I reinstalled Windows, P3D and Airbus Pro, but i came back after I updated to version: using the Aerosoft updater.   CRZ phase, managed speed in PFD dropped back to 206kt.  Could it be related to a high tailwind factor? Had to go back to selected speed to avoid stall. Pushed speed knob to see what would happen and managed speed dropped back to 117kt. FMC perf page: AC status: PROG: PFD in selected speed: PFD in managed speed:   Seems like the updater is introducing this issue and a reinstall is needed to clear it.   Thanks.              
    • Here is an OFP EDDF - ENGM. UPPER AIRSPACE AIRWAYS ONLY. After MARUN (last waypoint on SID) the route builder gives me Y153 lower airpace to WARBURG VOR. Which is fine cause it is the only option the route builder has. But from WARBURG VOR the route builder lets me stay on lower airpsce airways N850 to ELBE VOR  even though upper airspace airways ONLY is choosen and the route builder actually has an upper airway to offer r which should have been UL 126 from WARBURG to ELBE and not airway N850. Please enligthen my 2nd confusion on this topic. Thanks HLX352 EDDF-ENGM (15-Dec-2018) #1.pdf
    • And if you run PFPX directly on the PC and not from a remote session ?