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    • IRS ausrichten. Dauert bis zu 10 Minuten und dabei darf sich das Flugzeug nich bewegen.    
    • Hier ist auch explizit die Rede von 767 und 757 und nicht von der A320, die nach wie vor eine Beta ist.
    • Hi there,   I heard PFPX ver. 2.03 now supports prohibited & restrictive airspace and was toggled on by default. However, I found restrictive airspace is only available for a few countries in the default database. I would like to ask if there a way to show this information worldwide or is there a way to update the database using a plugin or manual editing?   I asked this because everytime the route is automatically generated I got caution message saying the route transits a restrictive area. I have to edit the route manually (I did not check ignore the restriction option in Advanced Flight Planner) I want the program to do this for me, that avoids any prohibited airspace or active restrictive airspace.   Thank you very much for the assistance.   Cheers, Gordon
    • Hi Emanuel,, As a follow up to this subject, there are instances where turning the autopilot on is triggering the TOGA Lock. I can follow that as the a/c seems to go into a fairly steep climb. Can you provide insight re: at what point/altitude, the autopilot should be switched on. Couldn’t really locate a clear explanation on this from the step-by-step guide.   Even with this difficulty, I’m really starting to like this Airbus!!    Again,Thanks for your help,   Mike
    • I have done 3 flights with . 2 in the 319 and 1 in the 321. Problem is fixed for me so far. Thanks