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    • Thanks i'm already having a deep look into this. I found a youtube video from a guy who gives a tutorial using a route finder from page called But even the proposed routes that are validated there have errors in PFPX. Still studing hard to understand this
    • From your EDDF-ENGM plan posted, IFPS errors returned are:   ED2532 Y153 MARUN - WRB Only available for traffic
      Not available for traffic
      1. Above FL245 within ED**
      This-traffic-shall-file Y150
      2. ARR EDVK
      This-traffic-shall-file MARUN DCT XAROL or N850 XAROL   and   YX2063 Not available for traffic
      DEP (ad:EDDF/FE/FZ, ETOU)
      2. BITBU Y181 MAKIK UY181 DEMUL
      3. OBOKA UZ28 DIBIR
      4. BITBU Y180 NISIV UY180 DIK - TOLVU
      5. NATSU Y150 TOLGI
      6.OBOKA UZ29 TINIK UZ29 / UZ291 TORNU,     In this instance it is fairly easily resolved manually, NATSU is to the NE and Y150 links to it and for once you get your upper airway :     -N0454F380 MARUN Y150 LBV/N0453F370 UP615 EKERN UM852 ALASA M852
       ALS Z731 SABAK/N0449F360 L997 LUNIP
    • Thought I'd throw my hat in the ring on this as well. I'm running the latest version of everything and I've lost managed speed on all flights.   This is all done in the A320 IAE for me. Sometimes it happens in the climb, other times in cruise. Right now doing a trip from KBOS-KRDU (KBOS SSOXS5 SSOXS DCT BUZRD DCT SEY DCT HTO J174 SWL KAROO2 KRDU).   Flight plan is manually entered. Right now I have a headwind in excess of 100 knots, yesterday I had a tailwind in excess of 100 knots. That doesn't seem to matter - managed speed tanks regardless.    When it drops during the climb, it looks like it's trying to achieve a speed constraint in the STAR for whatever airport I'm flying to (something around 206-220 knots), but when it drops during cruise it's usually some insane number like 105 knots. I see no correlation to any other speed listed in the FMC. At least if I could follow the logic of the speed it's trying to fly, maybe that would point to the problem. But the drop in cruise to something like 105 knots really throws me off that trail.  
    • Since one of the most recent updates, the mentioned elevation model for Ortho4XP is bundled into the "Airport Bergen XP" scenery package.