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    • Hello,   Regards to the A320/21 I brought it from fspilotshop over a year ago and been using the aircraft ever since, even when fspilotshop closed its doors. Now since V5 is out and waiting for the update I'm just looking into getting discount.    Where or how do I get the discount? I read allot of threads that doesn't answer. Also, bad news for me, since fspilotshop is no longer. I only have the key and the files. No Serial Number Information. (still searching for it)    Regards 
    • Wauw , thanks for this feedback.   'use a Folder like D:\P3D-Addons\Aerosoft' I used to do this before I decided to uninstall P3Dv5&addons completely this weekend and make a new clean install.   Because Prepar3D creates this folder ' Documents\Prepar3D V5 Add-ons', I thought I deviate from a 20 year old habit of not installing fsims & addons on the c-drive/windows system drive Boy was I wrong, I could slap myself in the face 😁   'This is a folder to install add-ons that not register itself! ' I will write this one in big letters on my desktop😉   Thanks for your time   Johan  
    • many thanks for your replies - yoke set up, pedals set up but still struggling with how to input switch profiles in the honeycomb profiler
    • Thanks for closing my subject before I am able to reply to your comments:   I know PSXT is not an Aerosoft product, neither FSX but the problem occur on my Aerosoft airports i.e. EDDF, EDDS, ESSA,EDDL,EDDH, etc etc. I have spent a fortune on Aerosoft products through many years.   I know FSX has seen its best years and that 64 bit environment is better and we are looking forward to the replacement next autumn by Microsoft Flight simulator. So I guess there is no solution to this "problem".   Regards Åke
    • Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
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