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    • Just a minor visual error... Main gear chocks should be on the outer wheels, wheels 1, 4, 5, and 8.   What's modeled in sim are chocks on the inner wheels, wheels 2, 3, 6, and 7.
    • hi Jeff! I found you're using a bit outdated version of the EXE file. Please try the latest version attached, and overwrite the older file in "C:\Users\Jeff\Documents\Prepar3D v5 Add-ons\General\A3XX Connect Pro\" folder.   And just in case, please take another attached archive with INI files and overwrite in "C:\Users\Jeff\Documents\Prepar3D v5 Add-ons\Aerosoft A318-A319 Pro V5\Data\" folder. No need of checking the Windows startup folder as you mention, just launch the EXE from the above given path ("C:\Users\Jeff\Documents\Prepar3D v5 Add-ons\General\A3XX Connect Pro\"). And for the purity of the experiment, 1st try the web page on the same PC where you run the P3D. Just click on the green IP address at the bottom right of the Connect app window, and it would open your webbrowser with the related page opened. Please make sure you're launching the app with admin rights; and the proper version is being used ("*_v5.exe" in "..\Prepar3D v5 Add-ons\.." for P3Dv5).   And in case of the problem still persists, please zip and upload the "C:\Users\Jeff\Documents\Prepar3D v5 Add-ons\Aerosoft A318-A319 Pro V5\Data\" folder. Thanks.
    • Fantastic information, Bernd!  I am so glad to see that you've resolved this issue!   Sadly, I followed your steps and have not been met with your results.  The thing is, and while it may be a bit of an overreach, not having those shutdown sounds really pulls you out of the realism as a few users have mentioned on here.   It's simply too much of an issue for me.  I have asked Aerosoft for a refund and they kindly gave me my money back.  It's sad.  I am going to miss my Airbus days on the sim.  Onto Boeing for now.   Happy flying to everyone
    • Have you checked all the files from this post? Also be sure to remove any other AFCAD from any other scenery or traffic tool.
    • The ILS freq is auto tuned in the Airbus. The alt is printed on the chart:
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