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    • Hi Hans   Its work for me !!   I had old version of navigraphOIDC.dll (2019-11-25) and your is at 2020-06-29. I replace it and now all is normal.   Thanks for you help and patience and good luck for the other issues   Pierre  
    • Hallo, hab nochmals getestet. Du brauchst am Mehrwegschalter von den Einstellungen nichts verändern und musst nur, wichtig bei geladenen Bell 429, einen Schalter/Taste mit dem Befehl -SPECIAL -buttons -trim_shift belegen. Wenn der Button dann gedrückt wird, werden die Befehle des Mehrwegschalters in Trim-Befehle umgesetzt.
    • Hans,   I've read this entire thread as I am having the same issue. However, I have a slightly different experience which I am not sure will help.   1. Everything worked fine with v2.0 of the CRJ Pro installed. 2. Updated to v2.2 and it worked fine, however, there were some things in 2.2 I didn't like so I uninstalled it and reinstalled v2.0. 3. v2.0 no longer works. 4. Uninstalled v2.0 5. Installed 2.2. Still not working.   The "navigraphOIDC.dll" is present in the main P3D folder. I have the QW787 installed with SP3 and FS2Crew for the 787 (SP3 is required for FS2Crew to work).   I checked the ASupdater and it shows that all Aerosoft aircraft addons are up to date (A318-321 Pro, A330 Pro, CRJ, CRJ Pro, Twin Otter).
    • I just did a test, I had the QW787 and the crj V2.2, the crj panel did not work, I uninstalled the qw787 without touching anything else and the crj worked again, but the FO MFD and PFD are black. I don't know what could be affecting the QW787 to the CRJ
    • Well, I respect your expertise as the developer, but the folks at PRO-ATC seem to think that the problem must lie with the CRJ. I must confess I have no clue. It is the only aircraft I have added to P3Dv5 HF2 which doesn't respond, the recent addition of PMDG's 737 NGXu included. Ron Harris
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