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    • Really looking forward to what you guys will do building upon the awesome Twotter X. A couple of suggestions from a very active user of your Twotter X in P3Dv3 still. 1) Consider a couple different pilot sets of Bush Pilots, Island Hopper Pilots (casual button down and shorts), Expedition Pilots (cold weather) and traditional airline pilots which can be selected from the config page like how one can set the plane to start in Cold and Dark or ready for taxi. 2) Have that checklist manual in the pilot side door pocket as a clickable item to open and close the 2D panel. 3) Swivel-able map lights. 4) While there is no current GTN 750/650 addons, I'm sure there will be so go ahead and make a panel for a 750/650 and 750/430 configurations for when there is. 5) Headphone mode using the Bose A20 which really cuts down the sound when on. 6) A Rocky Mountain Airways livery  7) Consider having audio for all checklist items for when the pilot/user right clicks on the checklist item, it would be like the Pilot calling to the Co-Pilot to perform the action. So left click and if green okay, if red the user performs the action to make it green and if the user right clicks on it, the items is announced and you see the action happen as if the Co-Pilot is preforming it. Please keep the Fuel Planner loader and flight recorder features as well as the icing build up with possible improvements like being able to de-ice prior to take off.
    • I know that perfectly. I don't have two LLBG airport in P3Dv4.5 platform. What I said is I can land as expected in FSX but not in P3Dv4.5 sim. I am trying to find a solution or ideas to follow on how to get my Bird landing an ILS in runway 08 centered with Aerosoft Mega Airport Ben Gurion LLBG installed in P3Dv4.5 Patricio  
    • Hallo, habe mir nun den MA BER für den FSX zugelegt und installiert und traue meinen Augen nicht:  Ich sehe einen Flughafen in der Bauphase !  Die Fahrgastbrücken liegen auf dem Boden,  keine Linien, keine Schilder. Gräben zwischen  den Gates. Einstellungen über das Tool so vorgenommen wie im Handbuch empfohlen. Dieter  
    • This is the thread at the MFS forum I've been following. I think it's the best of the several on this issue. In it you'll find the chants, voodoo dances and other charms that sort of work for others. Completing the entire flight to shutdown and using ATC seem to be common themes.
    • Sorry, aber der Airport ist nicht „blöd“, dass ist im Zweifel ein Attribut, das man Menschen geben kann. Könnte es sein, dass auf deinem Computer, die „blöde“ Situation gegeben ist, das in der Scenery Library an unterster Stelle kein Eintrag „Default Terrain“ vorhanden ist, das auf den Ordner <P3D Pfad>\Scenery\World\Scenery zeigt? Könnte es möglich sein, das in dem Pfad mehrere Dateien mit EDDB im Namen vorhanden sind?   Denn das Problem liegt definitiv nicht am Flughafen Addon, sondern an einer falschen Höhenanpassung, die das Addon liefert, aber dein System auch verarbeiten muss, was es offensichtlich nicht so tut, wie bei allen anderen Usern, „blöd“ halt.
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