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    • 🙂
      Hello Aharon,
      it is the Alps 😉
      Thank you again!   BTW: I hope, that Kroswynd is fine.
      Let's hope that he is only busy due to a lot of work in his job. I love the screenshot contest managed by him. To admire the pictures in his introduction and to watch all the interesting shots from the competitors coming one after another.
      When I see his introductions, in the first moments I often loose courage to create a screenshot for the contest. He sets a very high standard and so he is a good teacher to emulate him.   Have a nice evening
    • Sounds good to me. I’ve been reviewing aircraft addons for many years and this one is very promising. I’d say that if all the systems were modeled correctly, more animations were added and there was an option for a VC with a GPS unit and a TCAS this would be a very popular product that would encourage interest in other DC-8 models.    As as a suggestion, although the DC-8 cockpit isn’t particularly dirty, perhaps just a little more variation in the VC textures to add more of a “used” look would be nice.
    • When using the BIAS program in the RW,  how often does engineering copy info from the A/C? What calculation method do they normally use Avg, Median, Highest, STD, ETC..ETC..? thanks  Scott
    • Hallo Rolf, das ist ja super Nachricht. Haben wir alle gerne getan. Viel Spaß beim fliegen !!   Gruß Martin. 
    • I don't know the version number, the data says 29/05/2017 I've resolved the issue by using the ASC.dll you posted in this thread: