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    • All afcads you talk about are part of the scenery and should not be removed, they are needed. But non of this have a water runway included, so I have no idea, where your ATC will get it from. The navigraph navdata should no be the source here, they should not update any Afcads as I know.
    • As far as i can see i have just GCTS_AFX-OP01 in the GCTS scenery folder   In the ALT folder theres this one and one named AFX_GCTS_SW_ALT   Then i search GCTS in my P3D folder i get a few results back actually amoung ORBX Vector files for GCTS   AFX_GCTS_SW_ALT shows up in the world/scenery folder?   As all my Simwings stuff is stored on a D Drive away from P3D and i hadnt suspected that any of the Simwings files would make it into the P3D folder but 1 obviously has so is it safe to probably remove that 1 sat in the world/scenery folder or was it there for a reason?
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