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    • I fat fingered the version I am using...sorry...but the problem is still the problem...   I have been noticing some stange fuel behavior with the latest experimental release across all aircraft. I use the Axxx fuel weight and fuel planner and generate a load sheet. when programming the MCDU I initialize the fuel page by pressing the bottons next to the ZFW and Fuel enries and setting them to the values broght in from the fuel sheet. Currently flying KSFO to PANC.  load sheet put 31000 lbs of fuel on board and that is what was entered into the MCDU I am 120 nm from tod and my onboard fuel says 27880 and fuel used says 26000 lbs while the EFOB at PANC on the fuel prediction page shows 10.5 on landing.... any ideas?
    • I am sorry, I fat fingered the version number.  I am experiencing this on version the latest experimental.....
    • I have just done a reinstall as per your instructions no change regards robin
    • My apoligies for the delay in replying was struck down with a virus. Are each of them showing up in the Devices and Printers applet in Windows Control Panel? [YES] Are they all calibrated through the individual item in the applet? {YES] When you test the controllers in the calibration applet, do the axes move smoothly or is there spiking? {sMOOTH} What dead zone do you have set? hAVE ATTACHED FOR YOUR ATTENTION] Do each work correctly with the default aircraft in the sim? [YES] In the sim, under the controller assignments, are the relevant axis assignments correct and is there only one controller assigned to each axis? It's very common for the sim to assign pitch and roll for example to both your yoke and rudder pedals. [YES]   Other considerations: Please reply with where your FSX and Airbus are installed (complete path). If in the default, it's likely the User Account Control (UAC) is interfering, even though you report the controllers working with a default aircraft. [E:\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\aerosoft. tHE UAC HAS ALWAYS BEEN SET MINAMIL ] Are you using FSUIPC? [NO] Did you unzip the downloaded Airbus file before installation? [YES ] If you unzipped it, did you use a quality unzip app like 7-zip (link here) instead of the built in Windows one? 7-zip is free and one of the very best file unpacking apps out there. [WINZIP ] Did you have the anti-virus off during installation? [YES] Does your anti-virus exclude your FSX folder (it should)? [NO ] Did you install with Administrator rights and are you running FSX with Administrator rights? [YES ] Was FSX off during installation (should be obvious, but we just saw another report of a partially functioning add-on caused by installing while the sim was running)? [YES] ] hOPE THIS HELPS .i HAVE DOWNLOADED A FRESH A320 to reinstall as per your instructions...........................Regards robin
    • I too love the FSFX Immersion Packages, and all of their products.  In fact, Keven (partner at FSFX) is a friend, and I was just speaking with him last Saturday though not about this.   The best thing to do is ask FSFX as it's their product, and we really don't know much about it.  Also, the models used are basically the same / highly similar so I think it should work, but please ask the great folks at FSFX about an update or getting the existing product to work with our Airbus Pro.  I believe the FSFX Support Forums are still hosted at AVSIM.   Thanks again for writing in!   Best wishes!
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