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    • ca. 134 MB laden zum Download ein.   Grüße Horst
    • Call You back next Year
    • Mit Dank, wir haben schon beide Ordner probiert, das Programm stürzt generell mit Beginn des Ladens FF 320 ab, X-Plane ist dann komplett zu und muss von Grund auf neu gestartet werden, der Lutz
    • Hi. I tested all. But no result. Final step was to clean up and reset the iPad to the default setting as a new iPad: the ultimo test. No results!  I think it is a browser issue!. The old iPad has IOS 9.3.5  This operating system is too old I think. Only Safari (old browser-version can by installed) All the other browser in the app-store say: 'your IOS version is to old'. The  only way is to buy a new iPad (what i did) Grtz. Ad 
    • Good morning all,   Hate to kick the dust off this old thread, but I'm having a problem during registration of SODE after installing Mega Airport Rome today as well.   Specifically, the SODE Platform Manager 1.5.2 is selecting the incorrect 'exe.xml' and 'dll.xml' path and I am unable to change it, resulting in a "Registration Error" with the details as follows:   - SimObject Path entries - fsx.cfg (Main): CFG file not found! fsx.cfg (Common): CFG file not found!   The SODE Platform Manager insists on looking at C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX However, I long ago set a different AppData location and the correct path is I:\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX   The Windows environment variable %AppData% is correctly registered and points to "I:\AppData\Roaming" rather than the old default path, however, so I am not sure how the platform manager fetched the old default path. I'd love to be able to point it correctly though!   Thanks for your help.
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