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    • Hi, I have a navigation problem with the Aerosoft A300 series, When I take off the lateral flight path showing in the ND begins to change shape and eventually breaks up all together, the aircraft does not follow the programmed flight either, in addition the nearest wpt moves away from the aircraft as it approaches. Screenshots of the ND are attached showing the flight path as it should be at takeoff, and at an altitude of 2780ft when it is breaking up.   As far as I can tell I have programmed both MCDU’s correctly, but I’m attaching screenshots for further comment, these include the ‘Init Page 2’ and ‘Perf Page 2’. In addition, I’m not sure if the stages of setting up the IRS are behaving properly, screen shots of these are also attached. Firstly the ‘Reset IRS to NAV’ is not highlighted in Amber, as I think it should be? (the ADIRS have been set!) instead when clicking ‘IRS INIT’ (LSK 3R), the next screen shows, ‘Align on REF’ in Green, then the Aligning Coordinates Populate IRS’s 1-3? I presume this is a working alternative, but why not normally. The flight Plan was prepared by Simbrief, a copy of the OFP is also attached for info. Other information is as follows: OS                          Windows 10 version 1909 Flight Sim             P3D v4.5. Aircraft                 Aerosoft A320-A321 Professional version Scenery                ORBX Global, base Pack, OpenLC Europe and Libraries. Fuel                       Airbus X Fuel Planner Many thanks in anticipation. Jim EDDNLOWW_PDF_1575485270.pdf
    • (Sorry if this has been asked already), What is the max amount of passengers and cargo you can load in the sim in the 330?
    • Its and amazing scenery . I hope one day it will happen   
    • If you can give the exact weight and g-forces acting on the aircraft when that image was take we gladly have another look at it. Until that time we take the advise of the documents we have and the pilots who advise us and there will be no changes to the wing flex.  We do have accurate structural data and we feel we implemented that correctly with regards to the effects it had on framerate.   I know this is for some reason hugely important for some people. Some have send me 50 images (non with any information on the loads on the aircraft, so basically all just 'images').  I believe a lot of this malarkey is caused by the fact the internet is basically a dumping ground of images that show things in abnormal situations. I just wonder how these people can fly in a virtual cockpit with the ABSOLUTE most important thing, the second person, is missing.   
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