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    • What special effects are included on airbus pro series,   I did not see in item description.   effects as engine start up smoke,  wing tip and flap vortices,  3 d contrails. etc  
    • This means that your login for the charts (NavDataPro in your case) either did not occur or the email/serial number you entered in the third tab in the Configurator for access to the charts is incorrect.    
    • Sorry to hear you're experiencing difficulty.   There is no need to reinstall the Airbus, and depending on how you uninstall/reinstall it could actually cause problems.  Anyway, a reinstall would never fix what you are experiencing.   Since the first flight worked fine, there is typically something in the NavData, NavData cycle (your flight plan has to match the NavData Cycle you're using), pre-flight, flight plan, or pilot actions that isn't going correctly.  We have had well over 10,000 operate this Airbus without the issues you describe (including me), so it's very likely one of those things.   I recommend generating a flight plan that matches the AIRAC Cycle you're using and making another flight.   While you work on this, just a few questions:   Which AIRAC cycle are you using?   Are you using Navigraph or NavData Pro?   Are you an experienced Airbus operator or have you completed the tutorial flights?     Looking forward to hearing back from you!        
    • Hello I make a little flight with a Standard aircraft from P3D4.5. On MC Murdo Ice Runway I cannot see Static Aircraft, no RWY light etc. Via the Tool I try to activate it, but I get an error message.     Then I flow from MC Murdo Ice Station to MC Murdo Airfield. On approach I get this Error Message.       Thank you for any help.   Kind Regards, Stephan LSZH
    • View File Aerosoft Airbus A320 NEO VOLARIS XA-VRD Aerosoft A320 Professional VOLARIS XA-VRD   VOLARIS A320-271N NEO XA-VRD Gracias por descargar este Repaint de Volaris A320NEO, realizado por Antonio De Montanaro / Submitter ANTONIO DE MONTANARO Submitted 04/05/20 Category Aerosoft A320/A321 professional liveries  
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