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    • Hi Does anybody know how to get 3rd MCDU on networked tablet? I have purchased a321 pro for p3d v5.  I could see 1st MCDU and control all the keys on  my network tablet by activating  "a3xxconnectpro_a320a321_v5.exe"  (192.xxx.xx.xx:4040) on flying PC successfully. However, as you may know of the application named "aviaserver", I have that for my a321 pro too, could see and control both 1st and 2nd MCDU on my network tablet conveniently.   So, if 3rd MCDU were on network tablet, that should be more comfortable.  That is why I put above question.  I could make 3rd MCDU pop-upped by pushing key.  However, if view mode were switched over to another, that disappears.  I should push key again, that is bothering.  I wish I could see and control 3rd MCDU on tablet through "a3xxconnectpro_a320a321_v5.exe" by something changed  of parameters. Any suggestion would be very appreciated.   M. Miyawaki
    • Hallo Joggesch !!! Bin vom Nachbar Beitrag. Soweit ist alles gut, nun meine Frage: Bekommst Du jetzt auch am ND Flugzeuge angezeigt ???. Gestern hatte ich einen Zusammenstoß mit einem Bluebell Flieger, der aber im ND nicht angezeigt wurde. Wenn ich im X-Life DeLuxe Radar einschalte, sehe ich fliegende Bluebell Flieger, aber nicht im ND. Wie sieht das bei Dir aus ???. Benutze Toliss A319 und FF A350, die im 11.41 alles wunderbar anzeigen. Heute wieder mit 11.41 unterwegs und alles in Ordnung. LG Raimund LOWW
    • Hi, Thank you for your reply. I use ASP4, but I don't think the wind was excessive; during climb I was seeing a tail wind of 30kts or so. There were no instances of turbulence that I can recall, and the onset of this issue is as sudden as you can see, and quite without warning of indication, and often occurs in straight flight. The FPS that you see in the upper left hand side are typical for a climb out, and in fact these were curtailed by VSYNC ( in case this helped). In addition, I apologise for the tone of my email, and please know that I've wanted to edit it but of course there is no facility to do so. Simply, my words were borne of frustration because since the time I purchased the "Professional" Aerosoft Airbus, I simply haven't been able to fly it. The only Airbus that I have is the "other" still not quite ready Prologue version by a certain developer purchased in mid-2012. Thanks again, Fabio  
    • Buenos días, me ocurre una cosa curiosa con mis Airbuses 318, 319, 320 y 321 recién comprados. Después de hacer un vuelo, cuando quiero repetirlo o planificar otro en cuando  me sitúo en el aeropuerto de salida me aparece en el de MCDU:  ENG - UNKNOW. A partir de ahí ya no puedo volar y tengo que salir de FSX y volver a entrar. En otras ocasiones tampoco se me conecta la fuente de energía externa, ni si colocan los conos, etc... Otro problema que tengo es que  en vuelo de crucero el avión acelera a tope, y sube y baja sin control. Espero pueda ayudarme. Gracias.
    • Changed browser, changed PC, using iPad, using a phone, nothing would get it to show my OnAir product. And the money was already charged to my credit card.  Under Orders' tab also empty.  It's like I never bought the thing. Help
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