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Model, Animations, Repaints, Sounds and Manuals

For discussion how the aircraft looks and sounds and about the manuals.

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    • Taken directly from the Vol 3 Manual:   "The flight planning for this tutorial flight was done with PFPX. Most likely you get slightly different results when recompiling this route meanwhile as new AIRAC cycles might include changes to airways, waypoints or whatsoever. These changes are supposed to be neglected for this tutorial. EDLP WRB1X WRB UL126 DINKU L603 AKANU AKAN3A EDDM We will depart Paderborn from runway 06 and follow Warburg WRB1X SID (Standard Instrument Departure) to Warburg, WRB VOR. Then we follow airway UL126 to DINKU waypoint, there we’ll switch to airway L603 which we follow until waypoint AKANU. Here we start to follow AKAN3A STAR to Munich airport. In case we cannot land in Munich (for example due to bad weather) we’d have to fly to an alternate. During flight planning the alternate is going to be selected taking several aspects such as distance to alternate, weather forecast into consideration. For this tutorial we will select EDDS."   See tutorial video by The Dude related to :      
    • Best Aerosoft developer team. Would it be possible in the future to  X Plane 11 Amsterdam, Schiphol, EHAM to be developed again, but in 2021 style, so with new terminals, ground routes, taxi routes and movable jetways, animated vehicles in the SAM style. And not unimportantly FPS friendly. I hope you will think about this.  I would certainly be one of the first to buy the new scenery. 
    • Hello there are small changes to the satcom and minimum settings that will have to be changed for each config file in the new 777 update.
    • In general, I'd prefer that there was a FAQ that Aerosoft and forum members could point complainants to that told them why their assumptions are wrong. That way, more people would become properly educated instead of reinforcing wrong assumptions. Sure, not everyone will listen, we've all see plenty of times where the uneducated insist they know more than professionals. But, bending reality for that crowd just seems wrong to me. That isn't a complain about Aerosoft, they are a business so they have to tread a line that I don't, it is easier for me to have that view because I don't have to consider the same things they do.     Another idea, fixing some misconceptions could even be the subject of very short and focused videos from The Dude (more work for you 🙂) or other pilots. That would be super fantastic! And, it wouldn't really matter the plane it was done in as long as it illustrated the point. So they are reusable for other planes.    Talking about sound specifically, would it be possible to be able to have two mixes. One where the sounds are "crowd pleasing" and another where it is more "realistic"? I get that sound is subjective so I don't know if it is worth the effort. Just an another idea 🙂   I've suggested similar to Asobo. In their videos they have at multiple times said that they simulated some things inaccurately because some people wouldn't believe reality. Like, "we don't do realistic storm cloud weather because customers will think it is a bug". Crazy, especially for a "simulator" IMNSHO. Some of my most interesting flights were in storms in X-Plane with ActiveSky.  
    • I'm not sure but I thought MS and Asobo intend to bring charts to the base game? So I'm now wondering what will be in the sim first. The ability to access 3rd party charts or the MSFS default charts feature  
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