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Manual Flight, Autoflight and Flight Management

All discussions and questions about the Flight Management system and autoflight (autopilot etc) and manual flight.

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    • So We Wanted To Do A Test Flight And Here Are Our Notes From The Flight. This Is Not Exhaustive As We Couldn't Test Every Minute Detail Just What We Found Along The Way. Not A Moan Just A List For Developers To See. We Had Sync Displays Off But Now And Then On But Couldn't See A Difference And Dual Input Off For The Whole Flight. We Did An Offline Flight Same Aircraft Weather And Locations Egkk-egjj. I Usually Stream And Should Have For This Flight But Didn't Think Of It At The Time As We Wanted To Test. Initial Connection Was Easy And Worked. Most Problems Started When There Was A Lot Of Data Being Sent Back And Forth In Flight. We Personally Used To Use A Vpn With The Old Cfd Version And Found It Better As Being Server Based We Noticed A 2-3 Second Lag Now And Then In Operations Of Switched.   Mcdu 3 Door Page/Operations Didn't Sync At All.   Overhead Integral Lights(Next To Dome) Didn't Sync At All(Dome Did)   Qnh Didn't Sync.   Comm Panel Power Switched Didn't Sync.   Left And Right Window Lights Didn't Sync.   I Use Sim Server To Use My Mcdu On My Ipad But This Wouldn't Show The Inputs To My Pm. So Used Click Spots In Vc Instead.   Runway/Sid/Runway/Star Transition Inputs Don't Sync Until You Confirm Them. So Doesn't Show The Temp Flight Plan(Yellow). Pm Reported A Mcdu Flicker While I Was Inputting But No Change Until Inserted Into Fp.   On Fp Page Setting A Spd/Alt Constraint Doesn't Sync. It Also Doesn't Sync When You Select The Wp Right Ls K As It Comes Up As The Departure Ap For The Pm Rather Than The Way-point In Selected.   When Entering Arrival I Press The Left Lsk Next To The Arrival Airport But The Pm Sees The Departure Airport Instead Until I Clicked On The Right Ls K To Go Into Arrival. Like Before When Inserting Arrival Its Not Shown To The Pm Until Its Inserted After The Temp Flight Plan(Yellow)   Mcdu Irs Align Page Clicking Ls K To Align Doesn't Sync. Adirs Switched Synced When We First Joined But Desynced By The Time We Got To This Stage.   Fuel And Payload Page Required A Couple Of Instant Load Presses To Sync.   F-s-o Speeds Differ Slightly Between Pm/Pf Until After Push. Maybe Something To Do With Gross Weight Being Detected On Start.   Before Start Ign Switch To Ign Worked But Don't Show Returning To Normal After Start.   Auto Breaks Sync On Join But Not By The Time We Were On Approach.   To Config Button Does Not Sync Before Taxi Not Sure If It Did On Join As Didn't Use Until Before Taxi.   All External Lights Sync On Join And After Landing. But While In Flight Its Intermittent At Least Weather They Sync. Tested A Lot In Cruise And Worked Sometimes But Not Others.   On Departure After Gear Up Pm Enabled Ap1 And Even Though Managed Climb And Speed And Nav Was Enabled By Pm/Pf Before Departure The PF Fcu Changed To Vs Mode Without Command. We Then Did An Open Climb As We Bust Constraints Already Just To Shut The Alarm Off.   Eng Display Ff/N1/N2 Didn't Agree Exactly On Pm/Pf Displays. Ff Was 100kg/H Out N1/N2 Maybe 1% Out. Same Weather Pressure And Winds Checked.   Pf Initiated Managed Descent Pm Pfd Displayed Open Descent Until Pm Also Left Clicked Alt For Managed Des. Ac Unaffected But Displays Again Didn't Agree.   On Descent Pf/Pm Experienced Vs Flashing On Fcu And Pfd. Caused Managed Descent To Be Interrupted Until Both Clicked For Managed Descent Again.   Spoiler Synced On Start But Not Once Airborne Or On Taxi In At Detonation. Spoiler Arm On Finals Didn't Sync.   Both Pf/Pm Had Approach Enabled On Mcdu And Managed Mode Selected But Pm Saw A Value =Vapp On The Fcu With A Dot Next To It Asif It Were In Managed Mode. Speed  Unaffected Just Strange.   Once Taxing In Ext Lights Seemed To All Sync Again.   On Start Apu Start Required Pf To Click The Avail Button For Pm To See Start(Not Fully Sync) After Landing Apu Starting Had Similar Issue.   Engine Master Switched Synced On Start But Not On Shutdown Requiring Pm And Pf To Shut Down As It Didn't Sync.  
    • i know you don't just wanna cover all bases after our first flight failures.
    • Man you must have been living under a rock while this was being developed. Aerosoft's new CFD technology has pilots connect to a server rather than pilot to pilot. This eliminates the need for port forwarding, Hamachi, or any of that stuff.
    • Das hat nichts mit irgendwelchen Emotionen zu tun, ich möchte einfach nur wissen warum die von mir genannten Plugins / Addons (vorallem im von dir genannten Kontext für "realistischeres Fliegen") weniger wichtig sind als die von dir genannten, das ist alles.   Und natürlich überlasse ich die dem TE den Sinn seiner Frage, du warst derjenige der sie nochmal wiederholt und scheinbar mit einer Art "das vorherige Post hat das Thema verfehlt" kommen wolltest. Ich wollte dir nur aufzeigen, wenn das der Fall wäre, hättest du es wohl ebenso.   Also bitte, klär mich auf, welches der von mir genannten Plugins ist weniger wichtig und warum.
    • I think something went wrong while posting from my phone.  I answered a different thread and then I wrote a second post (that was supposed to go the same thread as I had just responded to but somehow it landed here in this thread) where I apologized for the typos in that message.  I never intended to answer in this thread, and I don't know the answer.   If the answer is not in the scenery documentation (I don't have this scenery, so I can't check) then you have my permission to yell at developer of the scenery for leaving it out because as far as I'm concerned that type should ALWAYS be in ANY scenery documentation.  But note before hand that most scenery designers fail to include this information.   I'm betting that nobody at Aerosoft knows the answer to this either, again the scenery dev will have to answer it, we're purely yhe distributor of the scenery.   My very best wishes to you.  
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