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    • This is why I will continue to buy your products... Great responses, service and great products!!! Thanks!!!
    • Are you running P3Dv4.4?   Have you downloaded the most recent installer?  It will be in your store account where you purchased the product.   If you're using Windows 10, have you kept it up to date?
      What I can tell you is that there isn't a problem with the installer, as thousands of people have successfully installed the product.  With that said, something on your computer seems to hanging up when you attempt to install the product.  I know that doesn't make you feel any better, and I'm very sorry for that, it's just what it is.   It's a low probability for most people, but there is a type of Malware out there which interferes with software installations (because it tries to do something which isn't right).  Are you running computer security, and if so have you run a deep scan of your computer?  Again, this is low probabilty, but stick this one in the back of your head in case there is no other solution.   Finally, if you have no luck with the latest installer after ensuring Windows is up to date, then you may want to put in a Support Ticket, but please try the above first as it will be faster for you.   I hope this was helpful to you.  Best wishes!        
    • Hello it's been about 2 months that I bought as an addon the Airbus A320-A320 Pro for P3D v4 and since I never managed to install it. Whenever I start the instrallation, everything goes well until a little over three quarters, an error message appears and the installation stops there and I can not continue. I tried many things like disable the antivirus, uninstall / reinstall P3D, install P3D in a different directory, I even completely uninstall my antivirus the time of the installation, download the latest version on the Aerosoft website . In short, I tried many things without success. If you help me solve this problem because it hurts to have paid $ 70 and can not use it at all so I'm counting on you to help me your best. Thank you in advance.   I put you a screenshot of the error window right here
    • Aaron, while you perhaps decided to post this in the A318/A319/A320/A321 (already released) support section instead of the A330 preview thread (because it's closed), this isn't the place to ask for features on the A330. Since there isn't a place presently to post a question such as yours, I'm going to lock this so it's recorded if/when the A330 preview thread is opened. In the meantime,  may I ask you to please simply keep your suggestions until the preview thread is opened or maybe watch the preview thread for mentions of things you're hoping for. While that thread is closed to user comments, it's still very much open for the developers or program manager to provide updates and news on the A330.   Thanks in advance.
    • The current flight recorder is a 32 bit application that was built for a previous 32-bit Airbus.  It is not functional with a 64-hbit Airbus.   Best wishes.