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    • Hi! when I look at a landing replay, I am not able to see the spoilers and the reversers deploying ! They are doing their work and I could see it on the live landing but not on the playback!!!  Is it normal or there is something wrong with my plane installation? Is somebody experienced that issue? And how could it be solve? Thanks.
    • Hi, in the last flight from ENBR to ENGM at Oslo don't have Dynamic lights. Have a fresh p3d 4.4 install. Any idea for this problems? If start at ENGM DL works well.
    • I had the same problem, and in my case the reset helped.
    • Hello,   because of some support questions, here a more detailed instruction about the installation of the Faroe Islands XP:   Download the zip file from your Aerosoft Shop Account if you have purchased it.
      Extract it.
      Then you get a Folder "AS_FAROE-ISLANDS_XPLANE11".
      Open it and you find a Folder "Custom Scenery".
      Open it too and you find three Folders:  Faroes4XPlane - Airport
      Faroes4XPlane - Overlay
      Faroes4XPlane - Terrain Only this three Folders you have to copy into your Custom Scenery Folder of your installed X-Plane 11 Folder.   The Manual you find in the extracted "Faroes4XPlane - Airport" Folder (…/Documentation/).
      There at page 12 you find some Infos if you want to actualize the X-Plane map data with the Faroe Islands...   Greets Heinz
    • Hallo,   aufgrund einiger Anfragen, habe ich hier die Installation des Addons Faroe Islands XP nocheinmal etwas genauer beschrieben:   Die ZIP-Datei aus dem Aerosoft Shop Konto nach dem Kauf herunterladen.
      Die zip Datei extrahieren.
      Dann erhält man einen Ordner "AS_FAROE-ISLANDS_XPLANE11".
      Diesen öffnen.
      Den enthaltenen Ordner "Custom Scenery" öffnen.
      Darin findet man drei Ordner: Faroes4XPlane - Airport
      Faroes4XPlane - Overlay
      Faroes4XPlane - Terrain Nur diese drei Ordner müssen in den Ordner "Custom Scenery" des installierten X-Plane 11-Ordners kopiert werden.   Das Handbuch findet ihr im extrahierten Ordner "Faroes4XPlane - Airport" (… / Documentation /).
      Dort gibt es einige Infos, z.B. wenn man die X-Plane-Kartendaten (Map) mit den Färöer-Inseln aktualisieren möchte ...   Gruß Heinz