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    • Ok     Log.txt
    • I had this issue tonight, flying EINN-KJFK in the A318. Loaded 18000kg at EINN, landed at JFK with the FOB indicator and Fuel page both claiming I had 2980kg on board, except I'd had that excact value since Newfoundland, however the total fuel burned value on the Fuel page correctly indicated the burned level of 17700kg (Yes, I landed with 300kgs... I apparently need to tweak the bias in PFPX for such long distance flights). I had not run the updater, but I bought and installed the product today so this was version whatever is currently packed in the installer.    Prior to departure I had some issues with my graphics driver and used a save-file made just prior to push to avoid re-preflighting after a few sim restarts (though I had to preflight everything anyway, panel states didn't save). I also used the aircraft state page to set "ready to taxi" to expedite the departure as I had to get around to something else. I know all of these things are in general dumb decisions if you are aiming for a stable flight, but I thought I'd use this flight to see what gremlins would appear following such abuse. 
    • Line Select Key. Das ist der Fachbegriff für die Tasten rechts und links neben dem FMS Bildschirm.     Gruß
    • Yes to all of the above. Will try to reinstall it again. 
    • Thank you... I tried it but it doesn't show in my P3Dv4.4   Maybe I'm doing something wrong.   Regards, Pvazquez