Airshow photos

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We know that a lot of our customers and friends take love to take photographs of aircraft. In this forum you can show them off.
Of course Aerosoft will never use any of them without asking permission (but a lot of the images on our boxes show photographs made by our customers!

Please only upload images you have all rights for (so photos you made yourself or have asked permission for).

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    • so how can i have all textures in steam version?  
    • The Steam version DC oes not have CFD. I checked the Steam sales several months ago and it did not indicate it had CFD. Can you provide a link to a Steam sales page that lists CFD?
    • Sim Wings is doing good job. Congrats to Aerosoft having such a good partner. A question. During the last weeks and month Sim Wings was working on several spanish airports. Barajas was a stunner. Are there any plans to make a retrofit of Funchal? This is an awesome airport which its scenery became old.  Bye Pascal 
    • Anybody! Is support still given for the F-14X?  
    • You have not cleared the EuroControl validation errors.   If you are not bothered with valid routes use the advanced route editor and put a tick in 'Ignore Route Restrictions' and select upper airways.   You'll get the route you are after: MARU4T MARUN Y153 WRB UL126 LBV UP615 EKERN UM852 ALASA M852 ALS Z731 SABAK L997 LUNIP LUNI4L   EDIT:   With Davids RAD restrictions and directs updates ( download section of the forum ) then simply using FIND ROUTE on the planning page returns a valid option straight off   -N0438F240 MARUN Y152 ARPEG/N0452F380 Z850 ABILU DCT
       RORUS/N0449F400 DCT TUSKA/N0450F390 N873 BAVTA P602 PIPEX M609