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    • Vielen Dank an alle Beteiligten, speziell an FLY AGI, Im moment lasse ich die Texturen, wie sie sind, ist ja doch nicht so schlecht, wenn auch ein bisschen zu viel gelb in höheren Lagen.  Wünsche einen wunderschönen Sonntag, wie hier im Tessin, Schweiz. P.A. Walty 
    • Got one today using the flightaware option on the EFB. Its not a windows issue as other planes are fine so please dont use that reason for CTD's with this aircraft.
    • Friends,   I'm unable to find any official documentation concerning what each cabin sound is and what triggers it. Is there anywhere I can find this? If so, can someone direct me to it? I'm trying to understand how the sound system works, and what triggers certain announcements as I am working on a new cabin sound pack for the A330.   Thanks in advance!
    • As stated in my post; to take the choice ''what pilots hear with their noise cancelling headphones'' makes no sense as these pilots either hear nothing or they hear music from their iphone connected to the headphone (irl). We should simply choose for straight cockpit sound without phones. This is how the 330 cockpit sounds in real world: (notice the capt his Bose as he is NOT hearing this sound , he hears com only !)  
    • No. Support for FSX and FSX-SE has not ended yet for SIMstarter NG. Can you please open it in P3D Mode and post a DebugPack. I need further investigation.   Thanks.
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