!! Windows 7 no longer supported !!

As Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 on Jan 20th we will be unable to test any of our
products on that platform. It may work, or it may not, but no guarantees from our side. 

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    • Sorry, forgot to mention that @DaveCT2003   A330 v1.0.0.6
    • Not sure why, it works fine for me.  What I do under Downloads (not Old Downloads) is select "All" from the drop down box and then Control-F for my search.  As Otto mentioned, under Old Downloads it's merely a drop down box.  I can do a recording of this if it helps my friend.   The reason for both is that we moved to a new backend system a while back ago, so all orders that occurred on the new system are shown under Downlaod and anything that was ordered before the new system CURRENTLY shows up under the old downloads.  I have a meeting coming up with the Boss, and I'll check to see what the decision was regarding old orders (if we're moving them to the new system or what).     I hear you my friend, and we LOVE advice, especially from knowledable people like you!  Give me some time to get some answers and I'll get back with you.   Back in my military days we lost an engine in between Iceland and the UK and raced to beat a blizzard while making out way to Kef.  We lost the race, had to do a radar guided precision approach to essentially the wrong runway due to the high cross wind and one of our 4 engines being out. Fun times.  It was the dead of winter and we couldn't leave, so I didn't get to see anything of Iceland, but I can say I've been there!  LOL!  When you get back airborne, safe travels my friend.  
    • Okay, I'd double check your version of P3D as Otto suggested, and what I mentioned also applies my friend.   Best wishes.  
    • Thanks for the response gents, but you're not really solving my issue to my satisfaction and was aware of the work-arounds.    Ctrl + F doesn't work ... it will not search my list of purchases, only what's active on the page.     Type sensitive dropDownList will quickly forget after about 2 keystrokes so if I type in "Ha" and pause for a fraction of second and then type "m", I don't get "Hamburg" I get "Madeira" ... it's a frustrating experience and as I pointed out doesn't show my "older download orders".  I get the feeling "older downloads orders" button is going to remain for years and never get combined into my actual full list of items I've bought ... how many years since the transitions, 2 years or more?   Other oddities like under "My account" there is a "Orders" and a "Instant Downloads" ... why both?   What would be more efficient and better for both myself and Aerosoft sales is an intelligent search so that if I type in "LPMA" (and I'm logged into my account), rather than bringing me to the "sales" page for Madeira with option to "Add to Cart" even though I've already purchased the product ... if found, it would bring me to my Product already purchased page, if not in my purchases, then bring me to the "sales" page for Madeira.   Please keep in mind, I'm trying to make this easier for me to want to buy from Aerosoft store and not go elsewhere ... I buy A LOT of products from Aerosoft.   Still in US Dave, long story, flight cancellations in Iceland and very poor support/rerouting, but will be back out in UK Feb 24-Mar 5.   Cheers, Rob.
    • It is perfect now ! Don't touch it more, its perfect like that ! With tool bar on top and touch scaling without artifact... good job !
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